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Klarm China Announces Rapid Prototyping Services of Precision Parts


Guangzhou, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2016 -- Using the services of a rapid prototyping company makes it possible to fully appreciate the look and feel of an intended product. Rapid prototyping technology has noticed a significant increase in popularity in recent years with businesses that want an accurate and fast method to produce a physical product.

Some of the great benefits of using rapid prototyping technology include:

Realize the concept

Rapid prototyping simplifies the process of being able to fully realize a concept in person. Rather than just looking at a CAD model it is possible to completely understand the feel and look of a future product design. Plus, it gives the option to showcase a physical concept to a client who has the ability to see a realistic copy of a product with the exact shape and size requirements.

Incorporate changes

Once a full scale model is built and in hand it is much easily to review the design and get feedback on whether or not changes are required. This makes it possible to fine tune the design as many times as necessary before the product goes to full production. With a working model in place it is much easier to improve on the design and build confidence that the product has the ability to match its intended need.

Save time and money

The use of rapid prototyping makes it possible to save time and money by cutting back on a lot of resources needed to develop patterns, molds, and specific tools. The 3D printing technology makes it possible to easily adjust the size and dimensions using the same machinery. Plus, this type of manufacturing process avoids making a lot of waste and will only print the specific material that is needed to construct the product.

Custom designs

A great aspect of using the rapid prototyping technology is the ease in creating custom designs that match the specific requirements. There is no need to rely on special process or tools to achieve the final output. This makes it possible to quickly make adjustments throughout the design process to produce the perfect physical design or model.

Eliminate design flaws

This type of manufacturing process makes it a lot easier to identify design flaws before getting to the stage of full-scale production. The materials used in the process make it possible to fully test the product and ensure it is fit for the intended purpose. Any usability faults can be found and corrected much easier than most other manufacturing processes.

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