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Klarm China Specializing in Rapid Prototyping, Custom Molding and Casting


Guangzhou, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2015 -- The full service contract manufacturer Klarm Prototyping has recently re-branded their website to better communicate their unique manufacturing services with customers and other businesses. The company's  brand represents their precision style, user-friendly process and high level of customer support.

Klarm China offers a wide range of services to small and medium-sized businesses, including product engineering, research and development , custom plastic injection molding and custom pressure die casting, general assembly, small appliance manufacturing and rapid prototyping services in China

The company assists businesses in boosting their market share with their comprehensive and simplistic production process. Klarm Prototyping prides themselves on their efficiency, cost effectiveness and ability to produce goods in a timely manner.  Another major concern for many businesses when using an offshore contract manufacturer is the issue of coordinating all of the steps throughout the process from a distance.

Instead of having to go to one company for product development, another for rapid prototyping, and then shipping, Klarm China rapid prototyping takes care of all of that and manages your production from inception to creation. Get all the benefits of out-sourcing to China without the hassle and headache

In contrast to many other Chinese companies that are limited to a few scopes of trade, Klarm China's operation is fully licensed in most industry segments, giving the company full control over the entire process. From prototype development to the final product delivery, the company can provide businesses with the results they need and deserve.

A variety of other services are also provided by the company ,such as tool making, engineering support, machined parts, part repairs, modification and testing and inspection. Klarm can be very useful for different kinds of purposes. The company is perfect for customers with a requirement for high-quality castings with a quantity as low as one piece to 3000 pieces each year.

Some ranges of products that Klarm Prototyping has successfully delivered are digital assistive dish-shaped lamp lights for medical operations, consumer electronics for Q9 headset, vertical transporter for industrial automation, sensor head connector for automation equipment. The company has manufactured and/or assembled various machines ranging from simple to highly complex. Its clientele is spread across consumer electronics, household appliance, medical equipment, agricultural equipment, automotive electronics, industrial automatic equipment and other similar industries.

Klarm offers different kinds of processes to manufacture customer's parts. The ability to select the most appropriate process based on the design requirements of the part allows them to tailor solutions to client's needs.

About Klarm Prototyping Ltd
Klarm Prototyping Ltd is a full service contract manufacturer and rapid prototype manufacture in China that eliminates the risk of offshore manufacturing through a streamlined production process.

Media contact:
Company: Guangzhou Klarm Prototyping Ltd
Contact: Lanny Larm
Phone: +86-20-3486-3083
Location: Guangzhou, China