Joe Bragg Showcases Baton Rouge Back Pain Treatment Center - Kleinpeter Physical Therapy


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2013 -- Back pain is a problem that plagues people all over the world. In Baton Rouge, residents struggle with back pain every day. Some back pain is caused by simple wear and tear on the body, while other back pain is caused by serious medical conditions and illnesses.

Fortunately for Baton Rouge residents who suffer from back pain, a local physical therapy center named Kleinpeter Physical Therapy aims to treat pain throughout the spine and back. At, visitors can learn about Kleinpeter Physical Therapy and discover how the clinic can help treat their spinal injuries and back pain problems. features detailed information about how physical therapy heals back pain. The site explains that professional physical therapists at clinics in Baton Rouge and Zachary, Louisiana will strive to heal whatever type of back pain patients are experiencing. Some back pain is caused by a workplace injury, for example, while other back pain is caused by a genetic condition.

As a spokesperson for explains, the website features detailed explanations of all services offered by Kleinpeter Physical Therapy:

“Kleinpeter is proud to offer a number of physical therapy services designed to heal injuries and treat back and spinal pain. At our website, visitors can learn about sports medicine services designed to improve balance, agility, speed, and strength. We also offer seniors care, aquatic therapy, work injury treatment, and all other physical therapy services patients need to start living a pain-free life. For people with back pain in Baton Rouge we are also incredibly conveniently located.”

The website also explains some of the physical therapy technologies used at the clinic. Specifically, the clinic uses advanced techniques like myofascial release along with isotonic exercise equipment, electrical stimulation, ultrasound machines, and more to treat back pain in patients.

The clinic also uses time-tested techniques like hands-on manual therapy, cardiovascular exercise equipment, and free weights:

“Our clinic uses all methods available to heal back pain and treat all different types of injuries. Sometimes, the latest technology is the best way to treat a specific type of back pain. In other cases, physical therapists use the same back pain treatment methods that have been used for thousands of years.”

Whether seeking to alleviate chronic back pain or ready to heal a serious workplace spinal injury, aims to explain the world’s best physical therapy methods while connecting visitors with the Zachary and Baton Rouge physical therapy clinics they need to permanently alleviate back pain.

About is the online home of Kleinpeter Physical Therapy, a Louisiana physical therapy clinic with locations in Baton Rouge and Zachary. At, visitors can learn how Kleinpeter physical therapists treat patients using a blend of new technologies and time-tested techniques. For more information, please visit: