Knee Walkers and Knee Scooters Keep You Mobile After a Leg Injury


Fall River, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2012 -- Accidents sneak up on people, especially the elderly. Bones lose elasticity with age, and even young bones can snap in an overzealous youth. In the past, those with leg injuries had no choice but to be confined, at least for a term, to either a wheelchair or crutches. But, these days, there is an option which can increase the injured person's freedom of mobility: the knee walker.

The knee walker (or knee scooter) is the modern equivalent to the crutches. Crutches are a sorry substitute for walking. The ends of the crutches dig into the armpits of the user, cutting off circulation and causing their arms to go numb. For those with limited upper body strength, crutches are an especially frustrating and dangerous way to get around, leaving a huge potential to misstep and fall. The knee walker reinvents the crutch and makes a great deal of improvements.

A knee scooter is a board about the size of one's lower leg. On the bottom of the board is a set of wheels that keep the board off the ground. The front wheels are attached to a steering column, much like a bicycle, that comes up in front of the board. The height of the knee scooter is adjustable so that it can be used by a number of different people. The height of the knee scooter pad should be adjusted to fit one's knee comfortably. It is used by folding one's leg back and placing it on the padded board. The other leg is then used to push the person forward. Knee scooters also often feature handlebars, allowing for the patient to steer it, much like a bike.

The knee walker provides a great deal of mobility for those who have broken or injured legs. It allows the user to remain upright providing more mobility to the upper body and the ability to interact with the surrounding environment in a more meaningful way. Unlike a wheelchair, a knee walker gives the user a much more proactive stance and creates less of a distraction in public places.

A knee walker is smaller than a wheelchair, giving it the ability to fit into places that a wheelchair might not be able to squeeze into. In older homes or busy markets, a wheelchair might be too wide in order to effectively navigate. A knee walker has the width and length to make travel in nearly any cramped spot possible if not always easy.

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