Knife Retailer Knifeworks Kicks off Major Sale on Full Range of Spyderco Products

Limited-time sale includes hundreds of unbeatable prices on knives ranging from limited-run collectibles to practical everyday-carry folders and legendary fixed-blade designs, Knifeworks reports


Columbia, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/01/2015 -- Knifeworks, one of the world's leading retailers of knives and related products, announced the start of a major new, limited-time sale on every Spyderco knife and accessory the company carries. With distinctive, functional designs and best-in-class technology, Spyderco's products are perennial favorites with Knifeworks customers. Those interested in the new Knifeworks sale can start shopping now at the Spyderco Brand Page or head straight to an additional page that lists the 260 Spyderco pocket knife models that are now on sale. As always, Knifeworks offers free shipping within the United States on orders of $99 or more, along with industry-leading customer service.

"Spyderco is a legendary name in the industry, and the company's knives are always among our best sellers," Knifeworks founder Roger Claunch said, "We're therefore very excited to kick off this major new sale on every Spyderco product we carry. From high-end items like the Peter Rassenti-designed, titanium-handle Nirvana folder to the affordable, reliable fixed blades that gave the manufacturer its start, every Spyderco product Knifeworks has in stock is now available at a steep discount."

Widely regarded as a pioneer of the modern knife industry, Spyderco was founded nearly forty years ago by Sal Glesser in Golden, Colorado, where the company is still headquartered. Its very first product was an innovative, spider-shaped, third-hand device aimed at hobbyists, but it quickly segued into producing fixed-blade knives. Since then, it has built up a long record of standing at the cutting edge of the knife industry, introducing dozens of designs, features, and alloys that have been widely adopted by others.

As one of the world's leading knife retailers, Knifeworks is also a top source for Spyderco knives and accessories for people all around the United States and the world. The company's multi-million-dollar inventory means that buyers can count on finding even the most sought-after products from makers like Spyderco, Esee, Benchmade, and dozens of others. The Knifeworks homepage consistently lists the best selection of everything from affordable, high-quality pocket knives meant for everyday carry to limited-run, collectible specials from top custom knife makers like Arno Bernard, Chris Reeve, Dawson Knives, and many more.

Knifeworks couples this unbeatable selection with consistently low pricing, customer service that is widely regarded as the best in the industry, and free shipping in the United States on orders of $99 or more. The company's new, limited-time sale on the full range of Spyderco's popular products will therefore be of great interest to everyone who appreciates knives. The sale pricing is now in effect at the Knifeworks online store and at the company's retail location in Columbia, La.

About Knifeworks
Since 1978, Knifeworks has been one of the world's top knife retailers, maintaining an industry-leading multi-million dollar inventory, low pricing, and the best customer service to be found anywhere.