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KnoMedia Offers Virtual Business Cards for All Businesses


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2015 -- Online businesses are the future, now. Everyone is aware of the fact that a huge amount of the national economy relies on business conducted online. Therefore, it is important to have an equivalent of a business card for online business. KnoMii provides its customers with a business card to be used for mobile devices.

The best thing about KnoMii is that the business card has no limits on what can be printed on it. One is able to connect with customers by sharing all there is to know about the business. Not only can one share words and pictures but also videos and so much more. One is also able to highlight the best information about their business. No reprinting is needed and one can easily add new updates to keep customers up to date with the business. The makers of KnoMii intended it to be simple and easy to use. It can be shared by just a few clicks.

KnoMedia allows one to also manage their online business. It begins with the seller's personal biography – what the seller is offering, what his services are and what his business's beliefs are. It allows one to locate their family through a GPRS service. It lets them know where the family might be at a specific period of time. Through KnoMii, one is also able to keep track of all of one's social media accounts be bringing them together in one place. Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and MySpace, they are all unified. Website management is even simpler with KnoMii and it allows one to add more features and customize the website and update it any time.

There is also a contact manager that allows one to import the phone's contacts and share them on the application. The contact messenger will also add new contacts to the old list, updating the phone as well. The contact messenger also allows one to share their KnoMii profile with their friends. The personalization features on the website allow one to make a unique business profile. There are a number of templates and one can choose from hundreds of color options. Lastly, KnoMii lets its users get help from the best financial advisors to provide them with additional expertise and let them train better.

About KnoMii
KnoMii is the business card of the future. It allows one to share anything and everything about the business with the firm's valued customers. Additionally, it allows one to synchronize their contacts and social media accounts.

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