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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2013 -- Stopping and delaying an eviction process is possible with proper eviction laws. But getting appropriate help in order to defend eviction is said to be difficult. The website 866Eviction.com offers support and assistance to people, which will help them stop evictions at low costs. Tenants who are facing an eviction can seek the services of 866Eviction.com as it guarantees to protect clients with California Tenant Rights. People will get a better understanding about the eviction process, which can lead them to make wise decisions to defend their rights.

A client of 866Eviction.com says, “866eviction.com has kept me at my home for 9 months after foreclosure. They defended us and helped us understand our rights, with their help, we were able to extend our stay at our home for 9 nine months.”

866Eviction.com promises to assist customers in the preparation of all required court documents to delay or stop any pending eviction action. In addition, people will get to know about various areas of California Tenant Rights like eviction processes, eviction laws, eviction rights, eviction procedures, tenant eviction, eviction forms, eviction letters and eviction notices.

Attorneys and paralegals will also be made available to service seekers in the form of legal representatives at very low rates. 866Eviction.com will handle all actions through phone call, email and fax. Hence clients do not have to visit offices frequently to stop their eviction or know about eviction laws.

The website says, “Consider working with the experts in tenant and foreclosure evictions, while in the process of being evicted and losing your house or apartment can be a very emotional and stressful time on the family, having to move quickly just adds additional stress to an already difficult period in your life. That is where 866-Eviction steps in.”

Free consultation services are offered to service seekers by 866Eviction.com. Furthermore, details and observations on Eviction Laws, Notice to Vacate, Unlawful detainer, Foreclosure Tenant Rights, Wrongful Foreclosure, Eviction Process and Cash for Keys are also made available to clients through 866Eviction.com. The website states that it does not matter if the property owner has been served with 3/5/30/60 or 90 days’ notice as the expert team for foreclosure and tenant evictions of 866Eviction.com are capable to delay or stop eviction of their clients.

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