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Know About Genital Warts and How It Can Be Cured


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2014 -- How To Get Rid Of Genital points out that warts are among the most common signs of trouble on the human skin. They add that genital warts, also known as anogenital warts, venereal warts, or anal warts, are specific to the genital area and are highly contagious. They further add that this problem occurs as a symptom of sexually transmitted infections caused by the fearsome human papilloma virus that is transmitted through skin-to-skin contact, mostly through anal sex, oral sex, or normal and unprotected vaginal sex with an infected person.

According to How to get rid of genital, the problem of genital warts usually manifests as soft or hard sores or swellings of different sizes around the genitals or anal area and they mostly affect the external parts of the body such as around the anus, the outer surface of the vagina or on the penis. In some instances, they may develop in internal organs such as the cervix, inside the vagina or in the opening to the urethra also, they point out. Warts vary in color and are usually not painful. But they may cause itching and discomfort especially if they develop around the anus.

Uncommon signs are bleeding after sexual intercourse, increased vaginal discharge in females, increased level of moisture around the genitals and itching in the genital area. How to get rid of genital advises people that when these signs are observed, they should seek further medical assistance especially if they have recently been sexually active.

Once the right diagnosis is made, the affected people should abstain from sexual intercourse till the infection is healed. Treatments include application of creams, oils, and herbal products, says How to get rid of genital They point out that over-the-counter-drugs like Wartol may delay in taking effect. They advise the affected people to adopt cryotherapy or use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the warts.

They advise people to use products like Occlusal and Compound W that contain salicylic acid because they can effectively and safely eradicate genital warts. Affected people can get relief by applying castor oil or tea tree three times a day also.

But, How to get rid of genital emphasizes that there are no one remedy that suits everyone. Since some of the applications may aggravate the condition, they advise people to seek professional medical help.

Drugs such as Condylox and Trichloroacetic acid are generally prescribed for the eradication of warts, points out How to get rid of genital warts. Burning the wart tissue with a laser or heat or through a surgical operation may also help, they add.

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How to get rid of genital elaborately describes about genital warts and how the problem can be diagnosed and treated.

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