"Know Before You Go": Local Atlanta Company Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Develop, the World's First Peer-to-Peer Background Verification Platform

The creators of Safe2Meet want to protect consumers from what Craigslist and won’t by launching the world’s first peer-to-peer background verification and activity management platform. The company has just launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for the completion of the project.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2016 -- Safe2Meet, LLC a local Atlanta company announced today that it is launching an Indiegogo campaign on June 1st to pay for the completion of what they claim is the world's first peer-to-peer background verification and activity management service.

" is the first of its kind", says CEO Patricia Wilson-Smith. "We're creating a platform that will be a community of trust for anyone who wants to make sure that any stranger they need to meet for any kind of interaction - a classified ad sale, a date, anything at all – is who they say they are. It will also let them know whether or not they have any questionable issues in their past that might make them think twice about meeting or doing business with them."

The most prevalent example of this problem is buying and selling on Craigslist. The news is full of stories everyday of people who have been scammed, or even worse attacked or murdered by someone they met online, either for an innocent financial transaction, or for a social interaction. To date, the only solutions that have been offered up have been vague advice about what to look for in an online posting, and how to choose safe public places to meet. "This is all good advice, but it does nothing to gauge the intent of those who use tools like Craigslist to target innocent people. Safe2Meet does just that. No more stolen profiles, dangerous liaisons, or wondering if someone you encounter online is a real person – you'll know before you go. Safe2Meet will usher in a future where we all take control of our online identities and control what activities can be attributed to us!"

The platform, which will consist of a mobile app and a website, uses basic personal information to verify your identity, and then generates a badge for you and the activities you conduct that can be displayed on any of your online profiles, or even in print ads, to show you're a verified Safe2Meet member. "The badge also has a QR code that users who wish to contact you can scan via our mobile app so that they can do so directly through our system – no need to disclose any of your personal contact details."

The Indiegogo campaign to complete the development of Safe2Meet launches on June 1st. The campaign organizers say funds raised via Indiegogo will be spent on transitioning from beta testing to a fully-tested, ultra-secure public platform, and to complete the development of the mobile app. Supporters who make a pledge beyond the $10 level will receive a Safe2Meet "Declare Your Status" t-shirt, and at other levels a limited subscription to the Safe2Meet service.

For more information about the Safe2Meet Indiegogo campaign, please visit, or visit the company's website at

About Safe2Meet
Safe2Meet will be the world's first peer-to-peer background verification and activity management platform. It uses a patent pending process to establish the true identity of a person, and then compiles social network, public records, and other verified data repositories to assess the person's level of credibility to generate a badge that can be displayed anywhere!