Know How to Avoid Identity Theft by Protecting Social Security Number


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2013 -- How many folks out there understand that identity theft and your Social Security number (SSN) usually go hand-in-hand? does, and is here to offer some insight into the symbiotic relationship between them, such as:

- Methods of ID Theft
- What Thieves Gain
- Results of ID Theft
- Preventative Measures

ID Thieves’ Techniques

Sometimes, identity thieves get lucky, like when they find a lost Social Security card, leading to identity theft. Because that seldom happens, other methods are utilized to steal one’s private information. One technique is “dumpster diving,” in which the thief literally goes through a commercial dumpster to find documents containing the data. Another is by stealing a piece of mail from someone’s mailbox. Of course, there’s always the old “grab and run” method, which is self-explanatory.

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How ID Thieves Benefit
Please understand that identity theft and your Social Security number are connected. The crook that gains that number benefits from it in many ways. He can access other data about one, using it to build a little empire of stolen goods. It becomes possible for him to open new credit accounts, purchase vehicles, even take out a mortgage, all in someone else’s name. They live the high life while the victim suffers the results of their actions, often not realizing it until he is denied new credit opportunities.

Effects of Identity Theft
Keep track of one’s SSN, as someone finding a lost Social Security card can result in identity theft. The effects of this crime include harm to one’s credit score, mental torment, and difficulty obtaining a job. ID thieves make purchases in one’s name without one’s knowledge, costing one thousands . Mentally, it makes a victim feel “stupid” for allowing this to happen. If a prospective employer wishes to do a credit check on an applicant who has been victimized by an ID thief, it may cost him the job if the credit history is terrible.

Preventing ID Theft via SSNs
Now that everyone knows how identity theft and your Social Security number are interwoven, it’s time to look at what to do to prevent the crime. Keep the SSN locked in a safe deposit box. Never carry it on one’s person unless absolutely necessary. Should it be required to enroll a child in school, for instance, bring to the school’s office, but then lock it up again when it has served its purpose.

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