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Indianapolis, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2014 -- It is no secret that every woman wants to look beautiful. "Many women often find themselves frustrated when they are searching the best solution for their hair need. This should not come as a surprise given the many controversies and legal issues linked to a number of popular hair treatment solutions," says Rachelle. Being highly lucrative nature of the hair and beauty industry, product misinformation and legal battle are things that will be here to stay. What is more important is to make more easily digestible information available so that the task of identifying good from bad products can be made simpler. Learn more about the essential hair product information and how people can identify the one that is right for their need at TheHairEssence.Com.

Rarely, there is anything absolute in this world except the fact that every woman loves to look beautiful. Hair has always been an important part of a woman's look and that is how the term crown has been used to refer to a woman's hair. Aside from regular maintenance, hairstyle makeover is something that is common to most of today's women.

Given the highly lucrative nature of the hair and beauty industry, it is easy for anyone looking for the right hair solution to find themselves lost and confused amidst the sea of conflicting reports and claims. For example, someone who is looking for a keratin hair treatment solution would easily find themselves confused about the potential harm such product may cause. Not everyone will be discerning enough to understand that keratin on its own, is not the key culprit. It is only when keratin is mixed with such harmful chemicals as formaldehyde that a product needs to be confirmed for its safety.

Formaldehyde is a carcinogen that is known for its health risk when excessive amount is being inhaled. According to Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), the short-term exposure limit (STEL) is 0.0002% but some hair treatment solutions have been found to exceed the limit. "What makes it even more confusing is the fact that some of the products are still in the markets and they are selling like hotcakes," added Rachelle.

Deciding between a ceramic and titanium hair straightener is another example where decision making can be difficult. While both materials are known for their excellent heat conduction property, titanium plates tend to heat up faster than ceramic. What adds to the decision complexity that in order to offer cheap and affordable product, some manufacturers have decided not to use pure ceramic but ceramic coating instead. It is obviously not quite the same when people are looking at the benefit of pure ceramic as compared to ceramic coated plates.

As one can see, finding the right solution for ones hair needs require important understanding of some of the basic criteria that makes them good solutions in the first place. But finding easy to understand information is often the biggest hurdle. "I believe it is every woman's rights to look beautiful and finding the perfect hair solution could have been much easier with easy access to the right set of information," says Rachelle.

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