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Knowing What's Real and What's Not when It Comes to Eames Lounge Chairs: The Edge of Barcelona Designs

In a society where design and quality, more so, pricing matters, what does it mean to get ripped off? How do we tell which ones are replica and which ones are authentic?


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/11/2014 -- Eames lounge replicas are becoming more like the real thing over the years. There is a completely endless debate when it comes to identifying the real versus the fake legal status of intellectual property about furniture designs. In a society where design and quality, more so, pricing matters, what does it mean to get ripped off? How do we tell which ones are replica and which ones are authentic?

1. The very first thing that quite noticeable when discerning between an authentic and eames lounge replica is the scale of the chair. The replica is huge with proportions all gone wrong. The real one is very well-scaled in that it is only as big as it needs without compromising comfort. Modern replicas are extremely big and are disproportionately weird it is very obvious to see the difference if one is fully aware of what the authentic chairs look like.

2. Base. This is another obvious difference between a replica and an authentic eames lounge chair. The replicas commonly have a base like Plycraft or an even chrome X-base – with the wrong base the legs of the chair become too inclined making the chair looks scary to sit on. The authentic one can cater to even an uneven flooring because it is powder-coated black with chrome on top and each of its foot has an adjustable height.

3. The said base design has an impact on the chair’s inclination. Eames lounge replicas are like trying hard recliners with more spring mechanisms allowing the chair to tilt forward and backward. However, its base point is much more erected as compared to the 670. The authentic eames lounge chair on the other hand is at a stable still position that is between upright and reclining position. What gives it enough flexibility is its wood shells and rubber shockmounts. It does not tilt at all which some people sometimes find it uncomfortable to use. But it’s actually more comfortable to use as compared to the replicas which need more effort in tilting back and be on a stationary position and would then spring forward to a standing position once the feet is released on the footstool.

4. Material. The plywood shells materials also make a difference in identifying the real versus the fake eames lounge. In the authentic ones, the plywood shells are unbroken and there are no hardware can be seen except for the vertical braces holding together the middle and the top shell. This is a distinguishing characteristics of authentic eames lounge chairs wherein its inventors Charles and Ray Eames were able to create a stylish solution to vexing engineering constraints. They were able to design their lounge chairs in such a way that they beautifully hold together through the use of a rubber shockmount. These four oval shockmounts of an eams lounge chair are connected together inside the wood shell at the upper endpoints of the bottom shell and the ears of the middle shell. There is a black metal plate that is linked to both shockmounts on each of its sides with the upholstered armrest fitted on top of the metal plate and locked from underneath.

5. Eames loung replicas most of the time have small metal braces between the bottom and the middle shells while the authentic one gives an intuition of three floating wood shells.

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