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Kobe Beef Store Sells Premium Meat at a Reasonable Price


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2013 -- Traditionally, Kobe Beef originates from the Wagyu cattle of Japan and is recognized internationally as the highest quality beef in the world. Now exported to countries throughout the world, the United States has been fortunate enough to obtain and successfully breed some of these highly praised cows. The meat is renowned for its remarkable flavor and tenderness and is sold at up to $650 per pound.

The Kobe Beef Store, a USDA Prime Beef seller, is offering this tasty meat at a reduced price of $207-$275 a pound. With ongoing specials, this site offers the best prices for top shelf steaks, roasts, ground beef, burgers and hot dogs. Choose or create packages from a wide selection of Kobi beef cuts. Additionally, the site features cooking accessories such as grill charms, recipes and cooking guides. The Kobe Beef Store can help any amateur griller become a pro with the sites how to tools and guidelines on how to cook a piece of this delicious meat.

Cooking Tips: The perfect technique for successfully cooking a piece of Kobe style beef is to heat a cast iron pan until it is extremely hot, then sear the outside of the steak only, leaving the perfectly marbled center a ruby red and snowy white. Longer cooking times will show off the succulent fat that distinguishes this high quality meat melting. This leaves all of the remaining meat flavor and tenderness in the pan, rather than on the plate.

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