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Kollagen Intensiv Information, Reviews and Promotion Are Now Featured on Collagenguide.net


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2014 -- For many men and women, aging can be a difficult thing to embrace, especially when it seems that the wrinkles and other skin affects show up practically overnight. To help people decide which products are right for them, the website Collagenguide.net offers in-depth articles and reviews, including information and a promotion of Kollagen Intensiv. Although there are many projects on the market that promise results, Kollagen Intensiv’s ingredients seem to be especially adept at accelerating collagen production and lessening the signs of aging.

As the review of the collagen cream explains, wrinkles and sagging skin are the most obvious signs of aging and they often occur quickly. As men and women age, their bodies’ natural collagen production slows, and skin begins to dry. As these two factors collide, individuals start to see these signs and often begin to look for solutions. For individuals who want to get rid of their under eye wrinkles, but want to use a natural route and wish to avoid going to the extreme of a facelift or even injections of Botox or other neurotoxins, Kollagen Intensiv helps to accelerate the production of naturally-occurring collagen within the skin.

“The patented peptide SYN-COLL in this anti-wrinkle cream has been proven to improve the overall appearance of wrinkles by more than 100 percent while also improving the skin’s texture by 150 percent, based on a clinical study done by Pentapharm,” the review noted, adding that the medical laboratory and the clinical study, all rooted in Switzerland, involved application of the ingredient twice a day by a group of volunteers for 84 days.

For men and women who want the benefits of anti-aging supplements or medications but don’t know where to start when it comes to the vast variety of items that are available commercially, Collagenguide.net is an extremely helpful resource. With so many products on the market that saying they’ll lessen the signs of aging, a trip to the beauty counter or pharmacy for anti-aging products can be overwhelming. This is where the web site can help. The helpful online resource helps individuals compare the anti-aging options, whether they’re interested in Kollagen Intensive or other collagen supplements or creams.

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