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Konica Minolta's Printer Relocation Project a Huge Success

As Alexander Forbes’ preferred business solutions provider, Konica Minolta SA was tasked with moving 150 printers from the financial institution’s old headquarters to the new building in Sandton


Johannesburg, South Africa -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2013 -- The move from Alexander Forbes’ old headquarters to their new premises in Sandton came with great challenges. Baseline Project Management coordinated the entire move and worked closely with Konica Minolta SA to efficiently plan and undertake the relocation of Alexander Forbes’ devices. With 150 printing devices that had to be relocated and reorganised in the new building, Konica Minolta definitely had a big job to do.

Nic van der Walt, the Optimized Print Service site manager at Bidvest Company Konica Minolta SA, explained how challenging the task would be as departments were moved in phases over a period of five weekends. Moving only took place on weekends in order to reduce the impact of the move on Alexander Forbes’ employees and their work. Konica Minolta was responsible for relocating the bulk print room while ensuring that printing services ran smoothly in both the old and new headquarters.

Nic van der Walt also added: "During this time, we needed to move devices department by department, which was difficult as some divisions shared printing devices with others that were not moving at the same time. There was also some departmental restructuring taking place and the printing needs of the new departments needed to be taken into consideration too. Add to this the fact that some departments, which had previously shared devices, were not moving to the same floor in the new building made for a real challenge."

"The move was planned down to the minute, as there were certain logistical issues that needed to be considered, like the fact that the old building only had one elevator going into the basement from where the devices could be loaded onto the trucks. This elevator had to be shared by all parties involved in the move. Konica Minolta South Africa certainly upheld its side of proceedings, ensuring that our trucks were ready and waiting at the right time for the printers to be loaded up and delivered to the new premises for installation."

Konica Minolta successfully achieved the relocation of all 150 printing devices and received praise from Mientie van der Merwe, the head of tax and special projects at Alexander Forbes, and the project manager at Baseline Project Management. They both made mention of how efficiently the process was handled from auditing the printers to establishing the best locations for each printer in the new offices. Van der Walt concluded that the new print room is not only much bigger but better designed thanks to proper planning and implementation by all involved.

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