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Kool Foam LLC Putting Spray Foam Trench Breakers to Work for Big Project


Helena, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2014 -- Spray foam can make work that needs to be done in trenches must easier and safer for those who take on these projects, and Kool Foam LLC is utilizing them for these very purposes. This company has a reputation for using spray foam technology in a variety of projects in order to make working their projects more manageable. The kind of erosion which often occurs when laying pipelines in trenches can be dangerous for workers and make these projects nearly impossible. For its latest project, Kool Foam LLC has begun using these trench breakers once more for a large project that is currently in the works.

One of the past projects that this company took on involved the Southern Hills Pipeline, which has the capacity to transport up to 150,000 barrels of natural gas per day. Because of the rocky and sandy nature of the terrain, it was virtually impossible to continue work. Kool Foam LLC was able to come in and install spray foam ditch breakers over the course of 20 days and 150 miles in order to make the stretch of land workable for those who were involved in the project.

Known for their ability to work under strict deadlines and extremely difficult circumstances, Kool Foam LLC has proven itself to be a leading and innovative solution to complicated problems which construction companies face when working in trenches that are made unworkable by erosion. The spray foam trench breakers the company uses have proven to be extremely effective in making trench work easier under conditions which would otherwise render the projects impossible. This company has installed spray foam trench breakers all over the Oklahoma area and continues to play an integral role in assisting with projects that need the kind of help only they can provide.

One of the primary reasons that Kool Foam LLC has chosen to use spray foam trench breakers is because of the fact that they can be installed much faster than sandbags which used to be the traditional means of preventing erosion in trenches. The work that this company has done in the past and continues to do is both innovative and important, especially with larger pipeline projects which could lead to the transportation of natural gas. This company is licensed and insured with a team of experienced professionals who continue to provide spray foam trench breakers for major projects throughout the Oklahoma area.

About Kool Foam LLC
Kool Foam LLC is one of the few spray foam insulation companies that also installs trench/ditch breakers. Kool Foam services the Midwest with trench breakers and provides high-grade foam that has been developed from intense research and quality products. Everything Kool Foam offers is of the highest quality and made affordable for the market.

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