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Kool Foam Supplies Spray Foam Trench Breakers for Pipelines and Ditches in the Midwest


Helena, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2014 -- As the demand for natural gas is expected to significantly increase in the U.S. in coming years, concern has been raised in many areas as to the state of required infrastructure. Given the expected growth in industrial and utility sectors, a number of Industry giants and primary energy providers in rural areas, especially those with extreme weather patterns, may find themselves at a particular disadvantage unless they can update infrastructure for extracting, transporting and storing natural gas. Although infrastructure may be adequate under current conditions, increased demand may strain under-reinforced pipelines and other conduits. This could result in costly repairs and loss of revenue associated with interrupted gas availability.

Kool Foam LLC  is helping companies retain revenue by securing and protecting pipelines with trench breakers made of spray foam insulation. This type of trench breaker is much more durable and greatly reduces strain on pipelines. Also, it’s the best alternative to sand bags, which are an outdated type of trench breaker.

Many companies perceived to be at risk for damage to current infrastructure due to increased demand are rushing to lay down protected pipeline in rural areas affected by severe weather. Recent technological advances have resulted in new materials that such companies are coming to rely upon in order to meet this vital need. One of the most dependable products currently being manufactured is polyurethane foam. Innovative polyurethane foam systems have been shown to provide better results when constructing  trench breakers  compared to older types of systems produced with outdated technology. Polyurethane foam products and systems are rapidly becoming the industry standard for trench breakers installed with heavy use natural gas pipelines.

The popularity of polyurethane foam is largely due to the speed and ease of application. Foam systems provide significant improvements over sandbags and flowable concrete admixtures. When faced with adverse weather conditions especially in rural areas, the use of sandbags or concrete can be daunting, often necessitating prolonged breaks to wait out storms or extreme temperatures. The ability to rabidly apply polyurethane foam when the job requires multiple trench/ditch breakers is a major benefit when time means money.

Foam systems also beat concrete and sandbag trench breakers on reliability and how often replacement is required. In areas that are frequented by wet weather or extreme conditions, traditional flowable concrete fill is unreliable due to the inability to gage set times in an exact manner. The concrete mix may also have been contaminated with dirt or thinned with excess water compromising the strength of the resulting ditch breaker. This can increase the likelihood of crumbling under subsequent adverse weather conditions requiring repair or replacement.

Sandbags often also require replacement and though simple to place, the additional time and money needed to replace a sandbag ditch breaker each time it begins to deteriorate can result in a flat or even negative return on investment.

Overall, polyurethane foam systems is the most reliable and cost effective solution for building trench/ditch beakers and Kool Foam provides these breakers for an affordable price in the Midwest. As one of few national spray foam trench breaker companies, Kool Foam has significant reputation for its work and developed spray foam.

About Kool Foam LLC
Kool Foam LLC is one of the few spray foam insulation companies that also installs trench/ditch breakers. Kool Foam services the Midwest with trench breakers and provides high-grade foam that has been developed from intense research and quality products. Everything Kool Foam offers is of the highest quality and made affordable for the market.

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