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Kool, Smooth, Suave' Me: Life-Saving New Book Offers Tool to Gauge Likelihood of Any Adolescent Getting Involved in Drugs.

In his mid-forties, Robert Reed’s life dreams have been shattered due to two decades of drug and alcohol abuse. His powerful new book shares his experiences. Accompanying the book; Reed provides ten questions that adults can ask young people in an effort to gauge whether intervention is needed to prevent a narcotics habit.


Sunbury, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2013 -- In the mid-1980s, Robert Reed's life was progressing swimmingly. Son of an upper - middle class scholar; academically and athletically, Reed had realistic dreams of becoming a professional baseball player. However, upon entering college and with his discovery of drugs, his life took a turn that nearly cost him everything. In a compelling work, Reed tells his story desiring to arm adults with powerful tools to identify characteristics in young people about to embark on a journey of self-destruction.

‘Kool, Smooth, Suave’ Me’ is more than an autobiography. To many, the book will be their life's saving grace.


Drug addiction and alcoholism has damaged the very core of our society. They continue to destroy the present and threats to impede the viable future of its most vulnerable population — our youth. As the campaign to eliminate these dangerous vices press on author, Robert Reed, offers this deterrent to drug and alcohol use to save today's youth with Kool, Smooth, Suave´ Me.

Written through constructive persuasion, Kool, Smooth, Suave´ Me; permits youth to decide whether to avoid using drugs and alcohol intrinsically through situations or arrive at their decision via processing a series of events staged within the book to take place with a predetermined ending.

This book stimulates a page-turning response, with each page building a strong, clear, accurate, and comprehensible message. While it constructively persuades youth to take the right direction, it does not offer the cure for drug and alcohol problems in its entirety. Rather, it is one of the tools that can affect a large number of the target audience. This release's compelling content demands inclusion in Society's “toolbox” as we endeavor to solve the problems that alcoholism and drug abuse create in our homes and communities.

Perhaps a most valuable addition to the book is the supplemental series of ten questions adjacent to the narrative. Used as a checklist and combined with the efforts of readers and adults working together; use of these talking points will garner valuable insight for strategy application to deter addiction or continued use.

“This isn’t just another ‘I got high and drunk’ story, it’s a life changer." My book is long overdue and its release comes at a time when more young people than ever are turning to drugs and alcohol with disastrous - even fatal results,” says Reed.

The book's introduction includes five pages of notes intended to brief the adult or facilitator; its general benefits, its use and how to maximize this opportunity to deter young people from drugs and alcohol misuse.

“This is why I offer that it is so much more than a life story - it’s part chronology and part therapy. The two approaches working hand-in-hand makes the book a potentially life-saving resource. Something needs to be done to help young people and I hope I can do my part. It is time to fix this broken society,” Reed adds.

Critics praise the author for his diligence and steadfast passion to steer youth away from the life he led.

‘Kool, Smooth, Suave’ Me’, published by Reeds House of Publishing, & Xlibris Publishing Co. is available now.

For more information visit: http://reedshouseofpublishing.com/xlibris.com/amazon.com

The author can also be followed on Facebook: https://facebook.com/pages/KOOL-Smooth-SUAVE-ME/310142089095595/empowernetwork.com/reedspublishing/youtube.com/watch?v=yfbol6d

About Robert reed
Author, Robert Reed, is forty-six years old, the father of four, and was raised in Sheffield Village, Ohio. He graduated from Brookside High school and attended Urbana University. Reed was reared with all of the traditional core values and morals that build the foundation of a solid individual. Looking back on his past, Reed recalls his experiences as the representation of the potential pitfalls that youth and adolescents may encounter in the society as people know today. With his deep understanding of today’s youths and adolescents, Reed brings a particular experience more valuable than doctors, counselors, or storybook tellers. He brings true, real-life experiences in the eyes of the youth, adolescents, and the society today.