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Allentown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2014 -- With all the work and stress that goes into planning a wedding, it’s always nice when there’s one thing that’s easy. KooziesOnline.com makes it easy to create visually stunning, high quality wedding koozies at an affordable price that all guests will enjoy. Need drink holders? Need gift basket items? Need mementos of the event? Get this – a koozie is all three. Hold your applause. KooziesOnline.com works to make it as easy as possible to order large numbers of koozies that will give events style and personality. Visit KooziesOnline.com today to save $5 off all koozie orders.

Use the simple design tool on the website to create custom koozies that feature the couple’s names, date and location of the event, and even pictures. Make it funny or whimsical with elaborate designs and specialty items like Better Bling Koozies, or keep it formal and romantic with some boring old hearts and roses, you fuddy-duddy. These koozies will last long beyond the day of the wedding, and guests can enjoy them for years to come. Keep drinks cold and hands warm in style.

It’s easy to create koozies that fit the theme of the wedding and help set the mood of the room. Koozies also make great party favors for wedding showers. Choose from multiple options including Economy Koozies, Color Camo Koozies, Neoprene Zippered Bottle Koozies, and Premium Scuba Foam Can Koozies.

For more information on personalized wedding koozies and other events visit KooziesOnline.com or call 866-253-3785.

About KooziesOnline.com
KooziesOnline.com offers a wide selection of bottle and can koozies. These sleeves help keep individual drinks, such as bottled and canned water, soda, and beer at the proper temperature. Customers of KooziesOnline.com have the opportunity to personalize their koozy with any text or logo of their choice. Koozies can be purchased and given to wedding guests as keepsakes of the specials occasion. By offering hundreds of pieces of clipart, customers will be able to design their koozy any way they see fit.

To hear more about the products available, and to learn more about the company, please visit http://www.kooziesonline.com