Kooziesonline.Com Now Offering Bottle Koozies for Summer 2014


Allentown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2014 -- KooziesOnline.com is now offering a wide selection of bottle koozies for all summer events. Fathers’ Day Koozies? Weddings, Reunions Koozies? Wedding koozies. Keep drinks cold and hands dry and warm, and look good doing it. Having some friends over to watch the game? Blow their minds with Longneck Bottle Jersey Koozies. It’s a fun jersey for drinks complete with sleeves and customizable team names. At just $0.94 per unit, these koozies are perfect for local teams and businesses who want to promote their brand name.

Holding a big event this summer such as a reunion or wedding? Use koozies to commemorate the event. Get high quality Neoprene Twister Zippered Bottle Koozies made from wetsuit material to wrap bottles up tight and print the school name, date, and location for a reunion. Recall old memories and make new ones with the durable, waterproof, boring-proof Neoprene Twister Zippered Bottle Koozie, the newest bottle koozie from KooziesOnline.com. Get 400-500 units for just $1.74 each.

Planning a destination wedding or unforgettable family vacation? Try Full Color Bottle Koozies in two varieties – Slip On for $1.29 each or Zipper Up for $1.59 each. The vivid colors of these personalized wedding koozies are perfect for encapsulating the vibe of beautiful tropical destinations. Don’t feel limited by these suggestions, though. Koozies are perfect to give as gifts, use to promote restaurants and businesses, and more.

Now save $5 off all koozie orders and get free setup, proof, shipping, and clipart. For more koozie options and prices visit KooziesOnline.com or call 866-253-3785.

About KooziesOnline.com
KooziesOnline.com offers a wide selection of bottle and can koozies. These sleeves help keep individual drinks, such as bottled and canned water, soda, and beer at the proper temperature. Customers of KooziesOnline.com have the opportunity to personalize their koozy with any text or logo of their choice. Koozies can be purchased and given to wedding guests as keepsakes of the specials occasion. By offering hundreds of pieces of clipart, customers will be able to design their koozy any way they see fit.

To hear more about the products available, and to learn more about the company, please visit http://www.kooziesonline.com.