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Kopi Luwak, One of the Most 'Bucket-Listed' Beverages, Is Available from Newly Launched Cluwak.com


Melbourne, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2013 -- Cluwak.com, a company that is devoted to offering its customers the unique and incredibly flavourful Kopi Luwak coffee, has just launched its brand new website. The history behind the new site is as fascinating as the coffee itself.

When Edward Cole, played by Jack Nicholson, referred to Kopi Luwak as “the rarest beverage in the world” in the movie “The Bucket List,” there was a surge in demand for the gourmet coffee.

Stephen Bradley, manager of Cluwak cafe and roaster, witnessed this effect first hand in early 2008. “I have not even seen this movie but my customers kept on talking about it in my cafe,” he said. This became even more evident to Stephen when he compiled the cafe’s review book. Most tourists visiting Indonesia seemed to have “try Kopi Luwak” as part of their own bucket lists.

Cluwak cafe and roaster, which was established in Surabaya in 1989, Indonesia, is one of the most visited places by tourists seeking to experience the genuine Wild Kopi Luwak. According to Stephen, their coffee has “stunned coffee connoisseurs around the world.”

Due to multiple requests, Stephen decided to proceed with Cluwak.com. The site was launched in January 2013 and as he describes it, “the response has been overwhelming. I didn’t know that our products would be sought after… from countries and places I’ve never even heard before.”

The reason that Stephen took such a long time to go online was due to the fact that the direction could cannibalize the local experience. “I like seeing visitors at my roaster, however going online means I might no longer see my regular customers. Also, roasted beans have its unique characteristics and very delicate hence there is a risk that it might not be treated and prepared accordingly,” he said.

Cluwak.com’s offerings are limited to only two varieties, namely the Gold Label with an “Orange winey with a hint of roasted truffles, bright acidity, strong body with a soft sweet lychee finish” and the Black Label with its "Wonderful exotic spice and deep ripe berry with a mild roasted chestnut aromas, full body and haute acidity followed by a black fruity pastilles aftertaste.” The tasting notes were derived from an aggregated panel of coffee connoisseurs and baristas as well as customer’s reviews.

Customers with experience as baristas are given the freedom to brew their own espresso at Cluwak cafe. Baristas who are visiting Surabaya should not forget their barista certificates. Their popularity are maintained due to their stringent quality control standards in processing, as well as supporting non-caged Kopi Luwak, and the local farmers.

“Some of my customers only visit Surabaya for this ultimate experience, and they usually bring their closest friends or relatives along,” Stephen noted.

Given the surprising demand in certain region, Stephen is considering a replication of the “local” experience overseas. A highly probable location is Melbourne, Australia, but he did not reveal more details. It is apparent that a location has been identified in the city but the official announcement will be made via the website in later in the year.

Cluwak has further piled up their accolades when they won gold medal at the Grand Baie Gourmet Coffee show in February, 2013 in Mauritius. The Gold Label is currently the most sought after beans to the connoisseurs and supply are limited, with sometimes up to 3 weeks’ waiting time.

About David Waterstone
David Waterstone is a food critique who has travelled the world for the best gourmet cuisine and coffee. David interviewed Stephen Bradley in Indonesia in April, 2013. David’s next visit is Vietnam for the best ‘Café da.’

About Cluwak.com
Cluwak.com specializes in roasting 100 percent authentic wild Kopi Luwak (Coffee Luwak) gourmet coffee beans derived from the natural habitat of Asian Palm Civet in Sumatra, Indonesia. The website offers a wide variety of Kopi Luwak coffee beans, as well as an Introduction Pack. For more information, please visit http://cluwak.com