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Korean Fashion Store Launches to Take Korean Fashion Global


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2013 -- It’s been an extraordinary year for South Korea. With Gangnam Style it became the first and only country with a pop-star to get a billion views on YouTube, throwing its popular culture into the limelight as never before. The fascinating side-effect of Psy’s garish video is a huge upswing in interest for Korean fashion from all corners of the globe. Korean Fashion Store has launched to bring authentic Korean-made fashion items to customers in the United States and beyond.

The stores uses a cutting edge image led design to demonstrate its wares boldly on the homepage, with items broken down into pants, dresses, shoes, outwear and tops. Items are added daily to all of the categories that represent up to the minute fashion in Korea, where fashion trends are years ahead of the west in their boldness and creativity.

Every item is available at a fair price, and the site has already announced intentions to hold weekly sales on different ranges for those who regularly search for the best deals. Every item comes with high quality professional photography, detailed product description and customizable choices in size and color. These prices don’t deceive by hiking shipping prices to compensate either- there’s a flat $10 worldwide distribution charge.

The site also includes a ranking of the top 20 best selling items of the week, so customers will always know what the most popular trends are every week throughout the whole catalogue.

A spokesperson for the online Korean clothing store explained, “People who want to shop for Korean clothing often find themselves buying inferior knock-offs from China made of cheaper materials. All our clothing ranges are made in Korea and are the very latest trends from our vibrant and progressive culture. Girls who want to stand out anywhere in the world need look no further than Korea, and there’s only one name in Korean fashion for the worldwide market right now. With prices like these, who needs Chinese knock-offs?”

About Korean Fashion Store
There are many websites out there that claim to sell Korean clothing but the majority of these sites import clothing from China that try to imitate Korean fashion, their clothes are usually poorly tailored and made of low quality materials. All of Korean Fashion Store’s clothes are higher quality and clothing line come directly from Korea. They update almost on a daily basis with the latest fashion trends from Korea and other parts of Asia. For more information, please visit: