Kori White Combats Online Identity Theft with the Release of Their New App, "No Fake Photos"

With the increased theft of photographs that are happening online and through social networks, a new app Called “No Fake Photos” has been launched to stop identity theft and the theft of photos.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2014 -- Identity theft has become a serious problem around the world, people finding their banks have had money taken out of them, while other people have received letters from companies claiming they have bought goods and not paid for them. The problem of identity theft has become so serious that police forces around the world have departments to deal with the increased problem. Now identity theft has turned to social networks.

The problem of identity theft, which cost billions of dollars each year has started to hit social networks where people are stealing other people’s identities, this is causing a huge problem online. Some people are reporting their photos are being used to set up fake Facebook accounts and fake Twitter accounts while other people are reporting photographs have taken and being used in a commercial sense by dodgy online crooks looking to generate themselves an income.

With the determination of criminals, it has become harder and harder for people on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other networks to protect themselves and their photos. That is why the No Fake Photos app was launched. The new application has caused serious problems for criminals trying to steal photographs from social network accounts to use in a fraudulent manner. One of the most important applications in recent years gives people the protection they need to protect their reputation and photos.

All the pictures taken within the ‘No Fake Photos’ application are tagged with the current date. This prevents people trying to manipulate the date and the time on their photos. This new application has already received positive reviews from people who have used the software and now businesses all over the world are using it to protect their property rights and their image.

Users of the ‘No Fake Photos’ app can now put images on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram without worrying about their photo’s being stolen and used for criminal activity. Thanks to the clever application, identity theft on social networks could be a thing of the past if all users of the popular networks used the application.

To learn more about the No Fake Photos application and how it can protect your photos, please visit The application is available on:

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About No Fake Photos
No Fake Photos helps people using social networks to protect their images. It has become a very powerful application that is helping consumers and businesses.

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