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KOUROS LLC Announces Kickstarter Campaign for Kids Attachable Collar and Cuff Covers for Dress Shirts


Irvine, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2015 -- KOUROS LLC is proud to announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to raise forty thousand dollars for the mass-production of dress shirts with attachable collars and cuff covers.

"Parents now have more options to dress their kids because of KOUROS, attachable collar and cuff covers for shirts," says Jelveh, Owner of KOUROS. "This product brings an easy, inexpensive, and fast way for kids to change up their look in seconds."

KOUROS was created to cater to those desiring a more expensive look at a reasonable price. Their kids' dress shirts are made with top quality fabrics and the collar and cuff covers are made with licensed fabrics from Disney and Hasbro. These dress shirts are fitted to support the OnCollarâ„¢, a patent-pending collar cover fabric design ( The OnCollar allows for quick transition of the shirt collar and protects it from stains and damage, while also increasing the life and wearability of the shirt.

Jelveh says, "Collar and Cuff covers for dress shirts are ideal for kids. They can now easily alter the look and feel of each dress shirt into something more chic, all while having fun. Parents can also save money since each KOUROS dress shirt with OnCollar and cuff cover gives 3 looks and you can mix and match OnCollar and cuff covers to get even more looks."

The purpose of KOUROS' Kickstarter campaign is to assess market demand and obtain the funding necessary to mass produce four thousand kids designer cotton dress shirts. Two thousand of these shirts will be for boys (classic style collar) and the other two thousand shirts will be for girls (Peter Pan style collar). Additionally, a total of five thousand OnCollars (collar covers) and 5000 cuff covers will also be created for these shirts.

Those donating to the campaign have a unique opportunity to be apart of the newest trend in kids' fashion. If one donates fifteen dollars or more, they will receive a kids OnCollar. Donors of forty dollars or more will receive a kids dress shirt and their choice of an OnCollar. Finally, for donations of fifty dollars or more, the donor will receive a kids dress shirt and two OnCollars.

"The hope is that by mass producing this product and showing the support it has, companies like Disney and Hasbro will see how tremendous the market for attachable collar and cuff shirts are for kids and will license it. My five year old and her friends love them, so I truly believe major shirt manufacturers will eventually adopt and integrate this idea and use OnCollar and CuffCover in their product lines and brands," Jelveh says.

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