Joe Bragg Launches to Review the Top Krav Maga Schools in San Diego

Krav Maga is a relatively new martial art created by the Israeli Defence Force, and aims to help people find the best place to train.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/25/2013 -- Krav Maga was developed as a means of close combat by the Israeli Defence Force and taught to their commandos. Unlike ancient martial arts from the east, Krav Maga is about practical defence in the modern context and teaches techniques for weapon disarms, throws and locks that are applicable to modern situations. As a result of its effectiveness and highly aggressive style, many people now wish to learn it as a practical method of self defence. Schools such as Impact and Krav Maga in San Diego have some of the best training facilities in the area and we have reviewed them in order to make recommendations to those looking to find a place to train.

The reviews have resulted in a top 3 of best quality training facilities that the author, Brenda Ramirez, would most highly recommend, and each of these are featured in their own right with a hyperlink, synopsis and full review of their training methods and practices, prices and more.

The site offers the best facilities for Krav Maga San Diego County and includes their address so that people can also pick the one nearest to them for maximum convenience. The site also provides an introduction to the philosophy, training and progression of Krav Maga for those wanting an introduction.

A spokesperson for explained, “Our reviews have been crafted by physically going to each of the major training houses in San Diego and experiencing the teaching for ourselves, speaking to experienced and new members to get their impressions of the teaching and overall experience of being a member, and the economic side of the membership as well. We have found what we believe are the best three clubs in the area, and have recommended these to our readers based on the different training styles that better address different needs.”

About is a review site looking at the best training facilities and gyms that specialise in Krav Maga, offering independent advice and reviews to newcomers and experienced practitioners alike to help them choose the right club for them. The site also gives information on clubs that offer free introductory classes for those who would like to give it a try. For more information, please visit: