KRD Entertainment Creates Marketing and Advertising Solutions to Businesses

In order for a business to survive in today’s competition, promoting itself in an appealing and effective way is a must. It should increase its effort in making people aware of what it offers. The availability of various media sources such as radio, TV, internet, print and others offer businesses with tremendous opportunities to promote them with minimal effort. Several businesses have already come to understand the value of marketing and advertising. Most of them are spending millions of dollars for advertising and marketing.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2013 -- Advertising and marketing are basically two different concepts that are important for businesses to be successful. So many people mistakenly assume they are the same when in fact they are not. Marking involves a number of activities which include identifying the target markets and their needs, new product development, building brand management, promotion and others. On the other hand, advertising is one of the activities of marketing. It is a form of promotion to create awareness to consumers of the product or service available under a certain brand.

There are many ways marketing and advertising can help your business.

Marketing identifies target markets. Also called target consumers, a target market is a group of people who are interested in buying the product or service the business offers. Unless a business has identified its target market, it can’t design its strategy for advertising which is customized to serve potential clients. Marketing can help businesses in effectively defining their target markets. It involves research to find those the business want to sell its product and the people who need it.

Marketing can help businesses identify the needs of its customers. It is highly important to always monitor and create products that will satisfy the needs of your target consumers. Marketing exactly does this through conducting various campaigns, research and polls that will allow businesses to create products that match both the wants and needs of their customers.

Marketing helps in building a good brand image. A good reputation can make your business stand out of the rest. As marketing helps a company in producing products as per the demands of the customers and assists in conducting different programs to promote not only the brand but also its products, a type of brand image is established to the public.

Advertising aids in publicizing the products and services of a company. While marketing typically involves back-end operations such as research, gathering opinions, deterring the needs of customers etc, advertising is mostly associated with publicizing a brand to customers. It can create brand and product awareness making a business known to its target markets.

Aside from creating brand awareness, effective advertisements have the power to influence the public to purchase the products. The different means of advertising include brochures, banners, posters and other non-electronic media. Electronic media on the other hand involves the use of the internet, radio and TV to spread the advertisement.

KRD Entertainment specializes in providing marketing and advertising solutions to businesses particularly those belonging to the sports and entertainment industry.