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Kredit Kort Guide Announces Continued Commitment to Free Service


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2012 -- Websites can be an excellent way for businesses to generate income, especially when specialised or expert content can be charged for by subscription. There are exceptions to this rule however, with Wikipedia perhaps chief among them. Another site that has refused to go down the subscription route is Kredit Kort Guide (, northern Europe’s most prestigious and popular site for credit card and consumer loan advice (

The site is a free credit card and loan guide, and has become more popular than any of its competitors across the entirety of Scandinavia thanks to impartial, unbiased advice and clear separation for informational content that assists users in making consumer decisions and broader, editorial content designed to educate rather than and influence.

With a priority placed upon all things personal finance, the site stands apart thanks to its deft use of league tables in each of its key areas. The clean and minimalist design of the site means that new users can be familiarised with the layout and content in seconds, and already accessing much of the information they need. For credit cards, personal loans and small loans, the site forms its rankings from an overall appraisal of things like the credit limit or loan amount, APR, perks and repayment rates.

There is also a feature box dedicated to stand-out offers and arrangements from companies determined to draw consumer attention, replete with high quality imagery that clicks through to a fuller analysis.

Kredit Kort Guide is free from advertisement and free to use, and a spokesperson explained their renewed commitment to staying that way, “We have become the biggest and best in consumer advice because we offer something that is comparatively rare- independent and unbiased advice that can be relied upon for its accuracy while retaining a clear focus on consumers by eliminating jargon and dense details, all without the charge one might expect from, for instance, consulting an account or legal advisor on what would be the best credit card. While we have competitors out there, we are dedicated to staying ahead of them, and that means continuing to offer the same high quality, free service our users now expect.”

About Kredit Kort Guide
Kredit Kort Guide is Norway’s biggest credit card guide, with consumer advice on credit cards, small loans and gas cards in the form of editorial content, reviews, advice on terms and conditions, card comparison and similar insight on consumer loans and small loans. For more information, please visit: