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Kredit Kort Guide Becomes Norway's Biggest Credit Card Guide


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/14/2012 -- Norway is viewed by some as an understated country in the field of global politics, but their so-called insular thinking has given them real advantages in a time of global economic downturn. With one of the few economies still burgeoning, the attitude of many of its citizens is still positive toward the use of credit cards and loans as part of a lifestyle choice, perhaps because they have managed them more effectively and with better regulation than other countries. Kredit Kort Guide ( has become Norway’s biggest online credit card guide thanks to their clear and concise consumer advice.

The site offers advice on consumer loans, credit cards and small loans, with card offers from a wide range of providers regularly reviewed. These reviews, which look at the advantages and disadvantages, terms and special considerations, are then collated into an easy-to-compare table that ranks the cards based on their results, with the card with the best overall package coming first.

Kredit Kort Guide also has a blog covering a range of issues within the financial and borrowing sector, including the best options for collateral-free loans, whether to choose a credit card or personal loan ( and advice on avoiding online shopping scams. The site’s design makes it easy and intuitive to use, and the content is informative and accurate without being dense, jargon-filled or otherwise hard to follow.

A spokesperson for the site described in detail the reason for their success, “We thank our users for recommending us to their friends and families, as that’s one of the major reasons for our continuing growth. It speaks volumes about the success we’ve had in our commitment to providing individuals with free and clear advice on financial matters. In a world economy where borrowing has come front and centre in peoples’ consciousness, this kind of practically implementable advice is a breath of fresh air amidst scaremongering or the supplier’s aggressive advertising in an attempt to overcome the former. Norwegians are lucky compared to many national economies, so frugal, responsible borrowing is still an option that provides real opportunities.”

About Kredit Kort Guide
Kredit Kort Guide is Norway’s biggest credit card guide, with consumer advice on credit cards, small loans and gas cards in the form of editorial content, reviews, advice on terms and conditions, card comparison and similar insight on consumer loans and small loans. For more information, please visit: