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Kredit Kort Guide Innovations Take Users from Debate to Decision in Minutes for Credit Cards and Loans


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2012 -- Comparing credit cards online can be something of a nightmare for many individuals, and it’s no surprise that this kind of research has increasingly shifted to the online format, with individuals unwilling to waste days touring the banks in person. Nevertheless, having a plethora of websites available and many of them specialising in a very narrow niche, it can prove overwhelming to find quality, balanced financial guidance. has become Scandinavia’s most popular online credit card and loan guide thanks to an innovative approach to making these comparisons easier, accelerating decision making for many.

Kredit Kort Guide ranks their reviews ( according to several contributing factors including the credit card limit, repayment rate, APR and interest free term, along with a range of other perks offered by the providers. The overall scoring of these factors determines the cards ranking, at which point users can click for more information, including editorialised advantages and disadvantages expanded upon from the summary, and a detailed run down of other costs and conditions. If this matches with the user’s expectations, they can click through to apply immediately for the card, streamlining the whole process significantly.

A spokesperson for Kredit Kort Guide was eager to celebrate the success of the format, “Thanks to a combination of strategies, we’ve managed to streamline the delivery of a lot of complex information, taking an elegant form and approach which has proved novel and reliable to many users. By using the league table, we weight our reviews in a similar way to how price comparison sites rate results for insurers, giving our users a quick and reliable cross-section of the market that is primarily visual instead of hidden in the details of lengthy jargon-filled treatises. To help engage individuals who we understand are rightfully cautious and keen to make the right decision, our reviews are then expanded upon to provide editorial insight justifying our claims. It’s thanks to this innovative approach that we have become Norway’s biggest independent online consumer advisor for credit cards, consumer loans and small loans.

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