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Kredit Kort Guide Is Northern Europe's Biggest Credit Card Guide


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/14/2012 -- Credit cards can be a difficult and sometimes treacherous thing to shop for. With so many offers from so many providers, it can be difficult for consumers to tell which of these will give them the best deal in real terms. Some may offer advantages that are rarely actually put to use, such as frequent flier miles, while others may have hidden charges. is a Norwegian site that has established an excellent reputation for navigating this minefield on behalf of its users, and has won an international user-base as a result.

Written for Norwegians based in Norway and North America, Kredit Kort Guide offers advice on credit cards, consumer loans and small loans as well as a blog with high quality, original editorials designed to offer lifestyle and consumer advice based around the major trends and issues arising from the world of personal finance. Despite what may seem to be a language barrier, the site attracts users from all across Scandinavia, due in part to its excellent reputation for independent advice.

Perhaps the biggest reason for their success online has been the combination of details product reviews ( on credit cards and loans, condensed into league tables where the best reviews finds pride of place at the top of the pile, replete with a summary of the key advantages, terms and credit ranges.

A spokesperson for the site explained the international interest, “Many of the companies who operate in Norway also operate in Sweden and Finland, so much of the information we provide is highly relevant to people in those countries as well. In most cases, the terms of the credit cards are more or less equivalent, so the advice remains accurate across the borders. More so than that, our editorial advice on financial management has earned a reputation in its own right for being independent and unbiased, with a focus on what is best for the individual, not what bank has tried hardest to make their loans attractive. Because we cover small loans, consumer loans and credit cards, we hope to ensure that our users never take a mis-step in the kind of finance they choose for their situation.

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Kredit Kort Guide is Norway’s biggest credit card guide, with consumer advice on credit cards, small loans and gas cards in the form of editorial content, reviews, advice on terms and conditions, card comparison and similar insight on consumer loans and small loans. For more information, please visit: