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Kreditt Kort Guide Gains Attention for Helping North American Based Norwegians with Financial Decisions


Toronto, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2012 -- Looking for a new credit card or loan can be a difficult process. The market is incredibly competitive, especially in Scandinavian countries like Norway. There is a vast array of deals to choose from, and it can be extremely time consuming for prospective customers to find the best deal for them. However, several financial services comparison websites have sprung up in order to point consumers in the direction of the best deals.

One financial services related website that has gained a lot of attention recently is, a comprehensive and detailed guide to the financial services market in Norway. has built a substantial reputation at home and in North America on the back of their unbiased and exhaustive reviews of credit cards and consumer loans.

The site covers credit card offerings from some of Norway’s largest and most reputable financial services companies, including Bank Norwegian and 365 Direkte. Each credit card deal is carefully dissected, with both pros and cons fully examined. All of the essential information about each card is presented for customer comparison, including credit limits, interest free period, and interest rates. also has a large section of the site dedicated to examination of the consumer loans market, covering both small, short-term loans and larger consumer loans to be paid off over a longer period. Again, both the benefits and disadvantages of each loan are fully laid out, along with all the information that a site visitor would need to make a decision.

A spokesperson for the site said: “Few people these days have the time to scour the market and examine every single credit card or loan offering. It’s an incredibly time consuming task that is hard to fit into a busy life. However, undoubtedly people are missing money saving opportunities by not fully investigating their choices when taking out a loan or getting a new credit card. Our site is devoted to doing the painstaking research so that our visitors don’t have to. We’ve outlined all of the most competitive and popular loan products and credit cards available to people living in Norway, creating helpful summaries and comprehensive reviews of each one. We’re completely dedicated to being an impartial and unbiased source of information, and we fully describe the problems with each product as well as the good things about them.”

About is a website set up to compare Scandinavian credit cards, loans, and other financial services.

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