Kreg Gilson and Team Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Create 'ReelProjects'

ReelProjects is created for those involved in any aspect of the filmmaking industry. It will help members with streamlining organization, communication, and the tools needed to succeed.


Omaha, NE -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2014 -- Support is often the difference between those who are living the dream and those who are just dreaming. ReelProjects’ core purpose is to support members in their pursuit their Reel Dreams.

ReelProjects incorporates all aspects of independent filmmaking including conception, acquiring funds, and legal guidance. Members can access full directories for assembling cast, crew, gear, and locations, incorporating editing, marketing, sales, and tracking to run their brand as a business. It offers tools and resources for educating, networking, competing, organizing, and promoting, to keep better-organized and more effective communication.

Kreg Gilson and his associates are asking for funding help so that they can in turn help thousands of like-minded people do what they love. It takes a lot of money to create the best website in the filmmaking industry. They can get a great start for $300k. To create a truly remarkable experience for the members, they are aiming to raise more than one million.

Each dollar raised goes to help those who dream of working in the film or commercial industry. With more tools, resources, and support than any other website or service, ReelProjects will truly help thousands of people reach their dreams. Helping create more projects means more people are earning a paycheck doing what they love.

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About Kreg Gilson
Kreg Gilson started in the film industry as an actor, but was intrigued by what was happening behind the camera, and the whole film making process. To learn more about what it takes to make movies, he volunteered to be on any set, getting involved with many projects and taking on any duties that had to be filled. Most recently, Kreg has been writing and directing independent films, many of which have been accepted in multiple film festivals.