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Kristin M Parker Publishes 'Circumstance' as the Perfect Holiday Novel for the Summer

Kristin M Parker has published her debut novel, Circumstance, which tells a romantic tale across time perfect for travelers looking for a book to take to the beach.


Doylestown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2014 -- Its peak holiday season, and many people are flocking to the beaches to soak up the sun and divert themselves from the stresses of daily life. One of the most popular means of doing so is by reading a book, and the hunt is on for this summer’s perfect beach novel. Kristin M Parker has thrown her hat into the ring with a debut that is showing signs of becoming a breakout hit, and may well become the novel of choice for beach-goers this summer.

The novel, Circumstance, is told using parallel storylines - one taking place in 1842 and the other in 1988. In each era, there is a young woman trying to find herself, as well as searching for love. The women are connected across time by a Victorian home, an aqua-marine engagement ring, and a collection of love letters.

It is through these connections that they gradually lead one another towards finding their soul mate. Coastal themes run through the book, much of which is set on the beach, making it the perfect summer holiday read. The book is available now on Amazon, and the author is already getting a following on the Kristin M Parker Facebook Page.

Reviews have been very positive according to Amazon Feedback. "A sweet story, gently told. The first page pulled me in, and I rode the wave to the end. This one is worth reading,” writes one elated reader. Another Amazon reader writes: "Well written novel that kept me up late wanting to read more! Cannot believe this is a debut novel...looking forward to the next book by Kristin Parker!"

A spokesperson for Kristin explained, “The book has a broad appeal to lovers of romance literature, and the choice of a framing device across time allows for a unique stylistic approach. Set on the beach, and with tasteful paranormal themes, it provides an exciting and fulfilling read that keeps readers hooked all the way to the final page. For a limited time only, the book is available for just $2.99 to encourage early adopters to spread the word about this wonderful piece of work, so there’s never been a better time to give it a chance.”

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About Kristin M Parker
Kristin lives in Doylestown, Pennsylvania with her husband, Matt, and son, Jake. Kristin first became interested in writing during her high school and college years, devouring each written assignment as a task to be savored. As an educator, she acquired a love of picture books, and she has written several stories for children which she is hoping to one day publish. In the last few years, Kristin took on the challenge of writing a novel. It seemed fitting to incorporate her love of the beach and the 19th Century into her story, and "Circumstance" came alive. For more information please visit: