Krueger Family Funeral Home Joins Social Media Revolution


Batesville, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2013 -- For 47 years, the Krueger Family Funeral Home, which offers both traditional and cremation services, has served Tomahawk, WI and the surrounding areas with a simple philosophy. “We strive to provide the grieving family a honorable and distinguished service for their loved ones in a caring, empathetic environment,” said John Krueger of Krueger Family Funeral Home.

Recently, Krueger Family Funeral Home joined the social media revolution, building a Facebook page and a Google+ account.

“We recognize that there are families who do not live in and around Tomahawk, Wisconsin and still wish to send condolences and flowers. Social media permits the families of the recently deceased to discover and share about their loved one’s passing, allowing for connections to happen between friends, family and the entire community” Krueger continued.

The social media aspect also allows the Krueger Family Funeral Home to let families know about important issues surrounding the loss of a loved one, such as legal issues, wills and the like.

“Many times the family is so wrapped up in the grieving process or dealing with the final arrangements that certain necessary aspects of the deceased fall behind or to the wayside. Our social media allows them to keep up with what needs to be done,” Krueger said.

In addition to a full service traditional funeral, Krueger offers cremation services as well citing the understanding that not all families or deceased wish to have a funeral.

“Seeing as how we are nestled in quality areas for the outdoors, many choose cremation as final arrangements and wish the remains of their loved one to be scattered across a lake or in the woods,” Krueger said.

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