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KS Pools and Patios Encourages Residents to Finish Pool Renovations Before Winter


Langhorne, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2017 -- Residents who are in need of swimming pool renovations in New Hope, PA are being encouraged by KS Pools and Patios to start their projects this fall. By beginning their home improvements during the fall season (instead of the vastly more popular spring), residents will be able to ensure that their pool is closed by winter, as well as save money and enjoy faster service.

While most pool owners wait until spring to complete their renovations, KS Pools and Patios argue that now is a perfect time to begin their swimming pool renovations in Warminster, PA because there is still enough time to open the pool by spring, yet avoid the frosts of winter. For the most part, pool renovations cannot be completed during the winter because Pennsylvania tends to get a large amount of snow and freezing temperatures. Failing to drain the pool and close it before winter can result in damage to both the pool itself and the owner's plumbing system. Fall is the perfect time to begin pool renovations because it hits the happy medium between the freezing winter and the spring, in which contractors are flooded with home renovation requests and contracts. Because materials are also often in less demand during the fall, residents may also enjoy lower prices on renovations that would be more expensive in the spring.

Anyone interested in learning more about pool renovations or other home improvement projects are encouraged to contact KS Pools and Patios at 215-720-1991 to speak with a member of their professional pool installation and renovation team. They can also be found online at http://www.kspoolsandpatios.com/.

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KS Pools and Patios is a landscaper and pool designer that has served the Bucks County area since 1996. They build complete custom pool environments for a range of tastes and budgets, proving that comfort and luxury are by no means reserved for inside the home.

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