K.S.B. International

K.S.B. International Providing Rubber Products and Molds for Jewelry Making and Repairing


Delhi, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2014 -- Offering quality products to jewelers in many different countries around the globe, K.S.B. International is announcing they are providing rubber products and molds to their clients. With advanced tools, the company has expertise in all types of rubber items for their customers’ convenience. The rubber products and molds are often used to create intricate designs.

Jewelers are comfortable using specific tools for jewelry making, and the range of tools available through K.S.B. International provides customers the supplies they need for any kind of project. Whether needing the materials for cleaning, repairing, selling, or making items from scratch, the rubber molds will allow jewelers to provide their customers with jewelry that stands out as unique and attractive. Continuously adding products to their inventory, customers can find numerous quality supplies at affordable prices in the new products section of the website.

The company also boasts an expertise in wooden items, from vises to boxes. Their tools come in an abundance of shapes and sizes so jewelers are comfortable with the product that is chosen. As a one-stop shop for all jewelry making tools and supplies, customers can fill out an online enquiry to relay specific requirements. The factories and manufacturers use the enquiry to develop products from various designs at an affordable price.

To inquire about the rubber molds and products, or wooden jewelry tools and supplies, please visit the website today. The company has separate factories manufacturing both rubber and wooden supplies exclusively for them.

About K.S.B. International
K.S.B. International, located in India, was established in 1976 and has become a world leader in the manufacturing of quality tools. With a state-of-the-art facility and quality equipment, their skilled team of employees provide their customers with the best products and the best service to ensure complete satisfaction. The company specializes in the manufacturing of quality watchmaking tools, engineering tools, jewelry tools, as well as aluminum boxes and containers. Customers are encouraged to offer their comments, advice, and suggestions through customer dedicated fax lines and emails.

For more information about their services or products, please visit http://www.libertytins.com/.