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KT Coupon Takes Coupons and Couponing to a New Level


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- Coupons, primarily thought to be used only by thrifty shoppers, are now used by most shoppers and are expected by many merchants, a popular coupon website reveals.

Discount sharing community offers various benefits. Turn on the television and you will no doubt see the myriad of shows dedicated to coupons and couponing. The idea of extreme coupons and clipping coupons is nothing new, but the availability of the Internet has changed the concept and value of couponing altogether.

KT Coupon takes coupons and couponing to a new level with its innovative discount sharing community. Kathy Trinh, director of Ketpress Media, said, KT Coupon wants to connect people and coupons to one another so that people can save money effectively. Companies want people to use coupons. They expect it. In many cases, the true retail price is the price after the discount has been applied. Coupon usage isn't about being thrifty; it is an entirely new way to shop. Coupon usage is the future of retail.

KT Coupon is built upon this concept and works to spread this message with many shoppers. One of their famous ideas is that there is no shame in using coupons. You're actually supposed to use coupons, said Trinh. KT Coupon reinforces this concept countless times through their popular shopping blog, where users can learn tips and tricks about coupons and discount shopping.

“Blogs are a great way to help guide shoppers and those looking to share coupons with other people. The shopping blog is KT Coupon's most popular resource,” Trinh said. offers coupon guides and local deals where users in the same geographic location can share information with one another and update them on deals since these tend to be fleeting and sparse.

“If a major grocery chain in an area is having a special sale, getting the word out quickly can prove difficult. On KT Coupon, it is as simple clicking and sharing,” Trinh said.

KT Coupon also runs a special blogger program specifically for the blogging community. Those who sign up are instantly connected to other bloggers and related advertisers who are willing to collaborate on deals, reviews and special discounts available only to bloggers and their readers.

Many companies have great deals and sales that are missed by the majority of shoppers because they fail to get the word out. The blogging community can effectively market these campaigns for advertisers and merchants. Their blog readers are usually grateful for the information and the merchants gain excellent exposure.

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Katherine Trinh
Ketpress Media