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KTM Roofing Alerts Homeowners to Golf Ball Sized Hail Damage with New Informative Article


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2013 -- In response to severe March hail damage in metro Atlanta, KTM Roofing has released new information on their website to help homeowners review their roofs for potential damage. Several counties were impacted on the afternoon and evening of Monday March 18, 2013.

The storm, named Winter Storm Ukko, produced golf ball sized hail around the northwest metro area, including Douglas County and Cobb County. Property damage was visible with many cars being dented, in addition to having windshields and taillights being cracked. In the southern part of the city Fulton, DeKalb and Clayton Counties where impacted. The storm caused delays at Hartsfield-Jackson where officials issued a groundstop and Delta Flight 2133 was routed back to Charlotte, NC. Further south of the airport, Henry County was heavily impacted, particularly among residents in the 30281, 30253 and 30352 zip codes.

"The hail damage from the March 18th storm was severe. Atlanta homeowners are used to hail in the spring, but not hail that is this severe and damaging," explains Tim McLoughlin, President of KTM Roofing. "It is critical to monitor the exterior of your home's roof for signs of hail damage. This damage can rob your home's roof of its intended longevity."

KTM Roofing suggests homeowners look for signs of damage, which include random dents on the roof, which can remove asphalt granules and soften the roof. If direct access to the roof is not possible, they are encouraged to look for asphalt granules at the bottom of the downspouts.

McLoughlin adds, "In times of weather damage like this you want to be cautious of storm chasers that go door to door soliciting business. Georgia does not regulate the roofing industry as compared to other states, so it is on the homeowner to perform due diligence in researching a company and its background."

Homeowners that have suffered weather damaged can contact KTM Roofing for a quote. KTM Roofing performs repair and replacement services. For details, visit http://www.ktmroofing.com or call 678-565-7663.

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KTM Roofing has been raising roofing standards in Georgia since 1984. Incorporated in 1995, the Atlanta roofing company is dedicated to excellence in professional roofing. Specializing in roof replacements, KTM Roofing can work with a variety of roof materials including natural slate, synthetic slate, clay tile, concrete tile, cedar, pine, cypress, modified bitumen and asphalt. Homeowners can receive a roof proposal from KTM Roofing by calling 678-565-7663 or visiting ktmroofing.com.