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Explains new rules for EIS investments introduced by the government


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2015 -- Kuber Ventures, a well known multi manager platform that deals with EIS and SEIS investments has now offered insights into the new rules introduced by the government for EIS investments in the UK.

The simple and convenient online platform introduced by Kuber Ventures has several advantages for financial advisors and investors, who want to make tax efficient investments and build portfolios through Enterprise Investment Schemes and Seed EIS. It has now offered them vital information about the rule changes in 2015 that have been introduced by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs; HMRC.

The new rules ensure that companies claiming EIS certification are eligible under the program with increased reporting requirements. However some of the changes are quite positive for investors as well and it's in their interest to have a deeper understanding of them. One of the important rule changes happens to be under EIS Advance Assurances as there is a new requirement for companies who want to issue shares under EIS regime.

Under the new rule, Single companies will have to submit original trade start date of the company along with total risk finance investments received. For Parent companies start dates for the parent and child companies along with all investor funds received irrespective of the time the child company joined the parent company have to be submitted.

Companies, which have to submit the EIS1 compliance statements, have to meet similar requirements. However in both the cases there is an exception to 7 year age limit on the companies. If the company did not receive risk finance investments and keeps up with the 50% turnover requirement, it can get Advanced Assurance.

New EIS investors might also want to know about the investment limits that have been imposed through new rules. In case people invest outside of EIS and then again through EIS to get tax relief, then the new rules exclude the shares from the EIS tax relief incentives. New changes have also been brought about in various trading activities that are excluded from being a part of EIS program. By getting their hands on this crucial information offered by Kuber Ventures, investors and financial advisors can make the best decisions.

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