Joe Bragg Offers 60 Day Risk-Free Trial of Menopause Relief Supplement


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2013 -- Menopause is something that every woman goes through towards the end of middle age. Since every woman goes through menopause, there are plenty of different menopause ‘cures’ on the market today. But as many women have discovered, few of these cures ever actually deliver on their promise to provide relief from menopause symptoms.

Relief from menopause symptoms is one promise that Kuhl Care seeks to keep. Kuhl Care is a menopause medication that aims to finally deliver effective relief of menopause symptoms. And a recent promotion allows new customers to try Kuhl Care for 60 days risk-free.

At, visitors will discover everything they need to know about Kuhl Care. The website features testimonials from women who have tried out Kuhl Care along with ordering information and facts about menopause in general.

A spokesperson for explains how Kuhl Care seeks to impress women all over the world:

“The real magic of Kuhl Care lies in its ingredients. We freely publish Kuhl Care ingredients on our website and we want to be as transparent as possible with women. Kuhl Care uses a formula called GeniVida to provide relief from hot flashes and other menopause symptoms. GeniVida is 99% pure and is not soy-based. It was manufactured with the power of Swiss science. In addition to GeniVida, Kuhl Care contains black cohosh, vitamins, and minerals.”

As the website explains, Kuhl Care’s formula is also completely sugar free. And, unlike other types of menopause relief supplements, Kuhl Care contains no hormones. The triple-action Swiss formula goes to work instantly to provide relief from some of the worst symptoms of menopause – including hot flushes and low libido. Kuhl Care also seeks to eliminate the link between menopause and weight gain.

Kuhl Care also aims to win over users with its ease of use. Instead of popping pills every morning with food, Kuhl Care users can simply mix the solution in with water. Kuhl Care comes in convenient stick packs. Women simply tear open the packs along the perforated line and pour them into a glass of water.

And as the spokesperson explains, there has never been a better time than now to try out Kuhl Care:

“Our recent promotion has been popular with women all across the United States and the world. Our risk-free 60 day trial allows women to return Kuhl Care free of charge within 60 days if they are unhappy with it for any reason. We genuinely want to help women find relief from menopause symptoms, and if our formula fails to do that, then we feel we should give customers their money back.”

At, visitors can learn more about the 60 day risk-free offer. Those who are ready to try Kuhl Care can order packets directly through the website. Kuhl Care costs $69.95 per 30-day supply box, but a new deal allows users to buy 2 boxes for just $79.95.

About is a menopause relief supplement that aims to alleviate hot flashes and other uncomfortable menopause symptoms. Kuhl Care can be discretely mixed into any bottle of water and rush overnight shipping is available. For more information, please visit: