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Kuisiware Grill Gloves Serves Discount on Released Heat Resistant Gloves

The Kuisiware Heat Resistant Gloves, which is also referred to as the ‘Super Glove’, is an all-new product that can withstand fire and heat of up to 662 degrees Fahrenheit.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2014 -- Kuisiware, the newest player in innovative kitchen products and utensils, have recently launched their flagship grill gloves product, simply called as the Kuisiware Heat Resistant Gloves. Kuisiware refer to this pair as the ‘Super Glove’ of all oven gloves because of its superb features. These heat resistent gloves can withstand extreme heat, feature an improved silicone flexi-grip, offer better protection for the hands, and come with a lifetime warranty.

Kuisiware Heat Resistant Gloves are made with M-Aramid and P-Aramid fibers all wrapped as oven gloves, which are the same materials used by the army and the firefighters for their heat-proof and fire-proof clothing. This provides a unique feature of these heat resistent gloves as they won’t burn or melt even when subjected to heat of up to 350 degrees Celsius.

Currently available at Amazon, the Kuisware Heat Resistent Gloves is currently offered at a huge 50% discount. This one-size-fits-all and washing machine-friendly pair of oven gloves comes complete with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Four out of four users who published their reviews at Amazon gave the heat resistent gloves five stars rating. One of the reviewers, a registered user named Kim, simply described the product as great. She said, “My first impression of the gloves is that they will not fit my hands. I thought they were too small. But I was wrong. They fit just right, the material used is not itchy to the feel, and are fairly comfortable to work with. They’re way better than my old mitts that almost always leave me with burning hands when cooking.”

The Kuisiware Heat Resistant Gloves are the ideal replacement for old pot holders and overused oven gloves, as they are specifically designed for handling hot objects while grilling or cooking. The product is primarily created to promote kitchen safety into every home.

Rob Barnes, the Marketing Director of Kuisiware, said in an interview, “We introduced these all-new heat-resistant gloves to the market to assure consumers of full safety as they cook or prepare tasty dishes at home. By wearing these new pair of gloves, the instances of being injured due to high heat or open flames is dramatically lowered. And for a limited time, we are making these gloves very affordable, so everyone can test the product and prove all of our claims about it for themselves.”

To order Kuisiware Heat Resistant Gloves directly from Amazon, visit this page: The Product is sold by Royvo Group and is currently priced at $29.49, which is a huge price drop from its regular list price of $69.99.

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Kuisiware serves to deliver quality kitchen products to consumer. With their recent initiation they have quickly develop a brand as a company who provides unique kitchen & home products using durable materials. They are differientated with special reward programs and customer loyalty initiatives.

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