Kuroato.com Launches Website Dedicated to Providing Free Online Games

Company Offers Free Games To Those Interested In Interactive Virtual Worlds


Aventura, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2013 -- Statistics from the gaming industry indicate there are currently almost 300 million online gamers worldwide. An estimated 62 percent of gamers gravitate toward online game play over traditional video games. The industry generates more than $25 billion dollars annually and is popular among those of all age groups. While countless games are available, catering to numerous varying interests, gamers around the globe are on a constant search to find new games in which to participate. In order to accommodate online game fans, kuroato.com has launched their new website dedicated to an extensive line of free online games.

A spokesperson from kuroato.com confirmed, "Anyone looking to play free games online should definitely check out our website. We have so many options available for people who want to play any type of game online, and our games are accessible to anyone who has an internet connection. Not only are these fun, exciting games that will appeal to people with different sets of interests, but they are all online, and they are all absolutely free to our users."

Recent studies revealed several interesting facts about online game play. When video games first made their appearance, they entailed sitting in front of a screen with a controller; the only exchanges existed between the players and their selected console. In the relatively short time since those early stages of gaming, the industry has made a full turn around. Today's games are a complete contrast to those of the past. With the advent of the internet, the most popular games are now completely interactive.

Research depicts this is one of the reasons for the current surge in popularity of online games. Players are able to connect with friends in their online gaming world of choice; furthermore, they are able to communicate with others who have similar interests. This allows them to forge relationships with countless acquaintances they would never have met otherwise. Another factor contributing to the acclaim of such games is the realism they bring to the table. Highly improved graphics and sound, along with interesting and complicated plots, allow players to completely lose themselves in a virtual world.

Some of the prevailing themes of today's games include medieval motifs, apocalyptic scenarios, and the ever growing zombie genre. Players can team up with real world enemies who become allies online, or they can wage a war against their closest friends and relatives without creating a feud in reality.

Online games hold no limits in regards to those who love them. The ratio of men to women who take part in online play is virtually equal, as is the quota of children and teens compared to adults. Virtual worlds are equally popular among single individuals and those who are married as well as people of all income levels and social standings.

Concluded kuroato.com's spokesperson, "By visiting our website, people can find free to play games that are fun for everyone. Some of our most popular offerings are Broken Earth, Apocalypse City, Zombie Warz and Fallen World. Players can access our games from almost anywhere, and our users are sure to find at least one game that will peak their interest. We encourage gamers to browse our selection to find fun, free game play and begin new adventures."

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Kuroato.com provides an array of popularly themed, free to play online games. Their entertaining and appealing selection caters to a variety of interests. Online gamers are sure to find a free game to suit their preferences and personalities through the Kuroato.com website.