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KVG Calls for U.S. & EU Sanctions Against Suleyman Kerimov


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2014 -- Following demands from former shareholders of Russia’s Uralkali corporation, and based primarily on the new developments in the Ukraine-Russia Crimea crisis, the Kerimov Victims Group (KVG) has distributed an announcement today, March 25th, requesting United States and European governments enact and implement personal sanctions against Russia’s senior Parliament member Suleyman Kerimov by freezing all assets including bank accounts and property located in both Europe and the United States.

In a recent press conference, the KVG insisted that its request to freeze the property of Kerimov is very necessary in effort to eventually legally confiscate and reimburse investors who lost billions of dollars following damage caused by Kerimov and his co-conspirators questionable business behaviour in what it known as the Uralkali price fixing cartel fiasco.

A source from within the KVG claimed that it is not motivated by the political factors of the Russian-Ukraine Crimea crisis, rather only in the clear opportunity the crisis presents in order to accomplish its own goals of compensating former investors harmed by Kerimov’s dubious acts. The source added that the KVG hopes that once property is seized, Kerimov’s European and western financial assets will ultimately be used to compensate investors for the billions of dollars in losses as a direct result of his price fixing and cartel activity. The group consistently calls upon authorities in the United States and European Union to investigate Sulieman Kerimov’s activity, believing that once the truth is brought to light, fair compensation would be both inevitable and made available by the seizure of his assets.

The statement was the most recent phase of the new campaign to prevent controversial Russian politician and businessman, Suleiman Kerimov from continuing business as usual. The KVG is calling to begin an investigation by UK & US, and other EU authorities relative to the actions of Suleiman Kerimov, with specific regards to his conduct in the Potash sector.

The KVG website offers many details outlining the unethical conduct of Kerimov and his co-confederates during the phases that preceded the market collapse caused by Kerimov, as well as a direct call for action by authorities to look closer into this matter. They KVG also hopes to inspire others who were damaged by Kerimov's conduct to approach them via their official website, which continues to operate, despite several reported sabotage and ddos attacks - in effort to reach all victims of this financial atrocity.

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