KVG Request U.S. Seize Russia 'Duma' Member Suleyman Kerimov Assets


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2014 -- Pursuing calls for from previous stockholders of Russia’s Uralkali mineral company, and in the midst of new developments surrounding the Russia-Ukrainian Crimea increases its uncertainty, the Kerimov Victims Group (KVG) has dispersed an announcement today, March 25th, seeking United States and European Governments impose and enforce personal sanctions against Russian billionaire and member of the ‘Duma’ Parliament Suleiman Kerimov by freezing personal and corporate assets, bank accounts, and property held by him and his co-conspirators located in Europe and the United State.

A close source within the KVG made it clear that the group is not motivated by the political aspects surrounding the Russian-Ukraine Crimea conflict, but only in the benefits the crisis presents on behalf of the shareholders it represents to accomplish the ultimate goal of properly compensating investors who were damaged by Kerimov’s destructive conduct which caused billions of euros in direct damage to shareholders. The insider source added that the KVG expects that once monetary assets are seized, Kerimov’s property could eventually be used as collateral security to pay back billions of dollars to the investors. Meanwhile, the Kerimov Victims Group continues to call upon governments in the United States and EU to investigate Kerimov’s actions, strongly believing that the truth of Kerimov’s cartel and price fixing activity in regards to a publicly traded company will lead to fair and just compensation.

The statement by a senior KVG source was the most recent in a new campaign to prevent controversial Russian politician and businessman, Suleyman Kerimov from continuing his usual business practices of manipulating investors. The KVG is calling for an investigation to be conducted by UK & US, and other EU authorities relative to the actions and conduct of Suleiman Kerimov, with specific regards to Uralkali, but not limited to this company only.

The official KVG website provides a variety of details outlining the questionable activities and doings committed by Kerimov and his cartel of conspirators during the months that preceded Kerimov's wrong doings, as well as an immediate request for action to be conducted by western power government authorities. The KVG seeks to unify all investors damaged by Kerimov's conduct via their website, which continues to operate, despite ongoing digital sabotage attempts including botnet ddos attacks which are directed at disrupting the Groups service. Investors are encouraged to contact the KVG directly via the website.

For further details, please contact the Kerimov Victims Group at kvg2013@mail.com

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