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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2013 -- To counter the effects of free radicals that hampers good health and causes a lot of serious illnesses, Kyani offers a variety of products based on the goodness of antioxidant properties of wild Alaskan Blueberries and Sockeye Salmon. The products help neutralise the effects of free radicals and promote heart health as well as reduce risk of diabetes by combining these 2 natural antioxidants with other ingredients so that the body can absorb them faster.

The founders of Kyani, Kirk Hansen and Carl Taylor along with the CEO Micheal Breshears, are men from very different backgrounds, have come together because they share similar philosophies and vision.

“We wanted to offer people a way to improve their health by simply using age old secrets that have made the ancient Alaskan tribes some of the healthiest human being on earth, despite the fact they live in such harsh and challenging weather conditions. We did years of research to understand how we use could the very potent Alaskan Blueberries and Sockeye Salmon in to simple wellness products that could be ingested and absorbed by the common man who hasn’t had exposure to these. We found that by adding simple ingredients, we could create a variety of products, each with a different health benefit”, says Micheal Breshears.

While their ‘Kyani Nitro Xtreme’ has been rated as the best nitric oxide supplement ever and ‘Kyani Sunset’ has been recognised as the best omega 3 supplement in existence, the company still strives to introduce new products that make good health and living a possibility for even man, woman and child.

‘Kyani Sunrise’, another popular product of theirs has been ranked as the best antioxidant ever, and has been extensively studies by labs and scientists across the globe. In fact, researchers at Brunswick Laboratories, which is a testing facility that has achieved nation-wide respect, have found out that Kyäni Sunrise’s has a very high ORAC rating at 34.996, which is nearly twice as much when compared to the nearest competitor.

“When we see such results, we feel glad that we discovered the goodness of these natural foods and found a way to introduce them to people all over the world, since they didn’t have a chance to experience these Alaskan foods by themselves. Through Kyani products, we want to eradicate diseases like diabetes type 2 and heart ailments, which are nothing but a result of poor nutrition”, states a research team member at Kyani.

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