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Kyle Leon Tells the World How to Lose Weight

Leon’s doctor -endorsed Customized Fat Loss program helps people shed carbs


California City, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2013 -- Kyle Leon, renowned nutrition specialist, personal trainer and fitness model, offers people an effective way to rapidly lose their carbs and attain a fit body through the Customized Fat Loss (CFL) approach. CFL, a nutritional software which is claimed to burn fat in record time on combining with exercise, has been endorsed by a licensed physician in US and Canada, Dr. Hollowell. CFL consists of four patented formulas which were developed through several years.

Kyle Leon states, “My goal is to help take people’s fat loss to a level they never imagined their genetics would allow. The surprising nutrition truths I'll be sharing will empower them with new fat-burning knowledge that can change their lives.”

CFL programs instructs folks on how to lose weight and puts them on a customized nutritional diet designed according to each person’s age, weight, height as well as metabolism. The approach helps people discover their true body types and as such adopt the necessary steps for fat loss. Three customized meal plans are scheduled by CFL which will meet a person’s nutritional requirements. The person is also given the liberty to make their own meal plans or make substitutions as long as it meets the nutritional requirement.

Dr. Hollowell endorses customized Fat Loss from her own personal experience. She says, “This approach is the quickest, safest, healthiest, most natural and effective approach to fat loss that I have ever reviewed and I support 100%. I recommended this approach to my patients and I have personally used it to shed 14 pounds of fat myself.” The doctor advises people to ditch generic plans and eat according to their body type.

Online purchase of the programs is available through safe and secure payment gateway. In addition, Kyle Leon also offers a 100 percent money back guarantee if a person does not harness results from the approach. To view more details about Kyle Leon’s doctor endorsed Customized Fat Loss and read transformation stories, visit their website.

About Kyle Leon
Kyle Leon is a personal trainer, fitness model and nutrition specialist who donned the roles after transforming his own physique. He also is on the fitness advisory board for BioTrust Nutrition. He serves as a spokesperson and Sr. Development Consultant for Blue Star Nutraceuticals. He is the creator of nutritional systems-Customized Fat Loss, global best selling fitness author as well as and the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer. During the last few years, Kyle Leon has been involved in helping people feel quick results in fat loss and lean muscle growth by customizing their nutrition.

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