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L Bar Sealer and Shrink Tunnel Optimization Secrets Revealed by Shrink Wrapping Experts


London, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2013 -- Leading Packaging Solution Experts Crawford Provincial revealed top shrink wrapping solutions for applications using an L Bar Sealer and Shrink Tunnel.

The Crawford Provincial Packaging Equipment division expert author Mr. David Macrae revealed coveted industry shrink wrap equipment operation optimization tips that enable cost efficient and performance effective shrink packaging operations. Revelations includes ways to get more wrapping per shrink wrap roll, as well as better product seals and superior looking output. The how to shrink wrap secrets were published in the Crawford Provincial Packaging Solutions Blog ( ) in a post titled “L-Bar Sealer & Shrink Tunnel General Housekeeping”.

In the post, blog readers found manual and automatic shrink wrap machine operation optimization secrets revealed, including:

- Why never to use a knife or wire brush to clean l bar sealing wires
- What to do when the burn line from the l bar sealing wire gets too dark
- What to do when sealing wires burn through the first layer of Teflon tape, and what you need to check and replace
- How to get the strongest seals
- What steps to take to ensure even pressure is achieved
- How to ensure packages travel through the centre of the shrink tunnel
- Why you need to ensure packages always travel in the centre of your heat shrink equipment
- And why all steps are important to achieving the optimal end results.

Packaging operation managers can read about the shrink wrapping optimization secrets directly on the Crawford Provincial Packaging Solution Blog here: . For those looking to consult with shrink wrap machine and packaging equipment experts for various packaging solution needs such as sourcing, upgrading, repairing and or acquiring professional operator training on shrink wrap equipment systems to optimize operations, visit the Crawford Provincial Packaging Equipment Division website:

Author: Adam Boyd
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