LA Film Maker Seeks Crowdfunding for 'Nosferatu' Inspired Short Film

LA writer & director John Long has a Kickstarter campaign to fund a short film based inspired by the legendary dark film Nosferatu.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2014 -- ‘Shadows of Los Angeles’ is a return to the traditions of Hollywood monsters who were dark, sinister and devoid of humanity, said Director John Long. He has launched to help fund the project.

“I watched ‘Nosferatu’ and it just blew me away,” Long said. “The movie is incredibly dark, incredibly rich and just the whole evil incarnate thing is amazing to me. The old monster movie makers really knew how to deliver.”

The short film is a vampire movie, featuring Neil Daly as the antihero. Ela Darling has been cast as “The Dame” one two people who hunt for the vampire.

“We have some ideas for other cast members,” Long said. “We’re in negotiations with them now. We can’t announce who they are until we get a contract signed.”

The KickStarter campaign seeks to raise $7,000, not a lot Long admits, for a Hollywood movie.

“I want to stress this is a short film, not a two-hour blockbuster. The original ‘Nosferatu’ was a full-length film. I believe we can capture the foreboding and darkness of the that in a  short film,” Long said.

Funding starts at the $5 level which gives contributors a heartfelt thanks from the crew. At the middle $100 level, contributors get to participate in a video chat with the director. Each funding level up to $250 includes all the thank-you gifts from the previous levels. At the top level $500, contributors get a walk-on part in the movie. Mr. Long said this is limited to LA locals only.

Long has provided a budget breakdown on the KickStarter page. Nearly one quarter of the budget goes to insurance. He said this is vital as it protects the cast and crew. About another quarter is for catering and cast services. Add makeup and editorial services and more than 3/4s of the budget is accounted for.

“Makeup, especially for this kind of film, is very very important. We have to get the actors looking just right for this 1903s-period film. The silent movies and old monster films had amazing makeup work. We want to be true to that,” Long said.

For more information about the movie or how to contribute, visit

Writer and diretor John Long has worked for more that 20 Hollywood movies including the Patrick Swayze-Forest Whitaker movie Green Dragon.