LA Furniture Store Adds Kaare Klint to Floor

Furniture designs from the legendary Kaare Klint now available from LA furniture store


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2014 -- The father of modern Danish furniture design may not be overseeing the work any more, but the ideas sparked by Danish genius Kaare Klint live on in the pieces on display at LA furniture store Denmark 50.

“Mr. Klint was amazing. He changed the way the Danes and by extension the rest of the world looked at furniture. The awards he received during his lifetime only remind us of the elegance and craftsmanship he insisted go into every piece of furniture his company produced,” said Denmark 50 owner Wayne Marmorstein.

The items at the LA furniture store are noted for its sleek and clean lines with an eye for functionality and elegance at the same time.

“This is not some post-modern furniture that is little more than an uncomfortable skeleton of a chair. Mr. Klint designed with comfort and craftsmanship in mind. He insisted everything his company produced be of the highest quality and furniture people would actually use,” Mr. Marmorstein said. “It’s really art that is comfortable.”

Most of today’s Danish designers take their cue from Mr. Klint. Their work meets the exacting standards of a country that produces the finest furniture in the world. However, try as they might none can be exactly what the Kaare Klint line is. Denmark 50 LA furniture store offers a variety of work from others.

“You can see his inspiration in others’ work, but when you look close, you also see there is only one Kaare Klint,” Mr. Marmorstein said.

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