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LA Home Lender's New Site Provides Detailed Info on Los Angeles FHA Loans and Other Mortgage Options

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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/30/2013 -- With mortgage interest rates hovering near historic lows, more and more Americans are looking for information to help them determine whether they can take advantage of these potential cost savings for new loans or refinancing. LA Home Lender, the city’s premier full-service mortgage company, recently launched a new consumer friendly website to make it easier for area residents to get information about Los Angeles FHA loans and the other mortgage options available to them.

Visitors to LA Home Lender’s new, easy to navigate site can quickly fill out an application for free mortgage prequalification and find detailed information on several different types of loan products such as FHA loans, Los Angeles VA loans, refinancing and the Homepath program. And homeowners who’ve stumbled into financial hardship and are having difficulty keeping up with their mortgage payments can learn how the Los Angeles mortgage lender and its expert refinance specialists can help them avoid foreclosure with special refinancing programs.

“Homeowners haven’t always had the plethora of financing options they have today,” said a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Home Lender. “The market was pretty cut and dry. Home buyers would get into a fixed loan and that was often the last time they thought about it unless they sold their home or went to buy another property. But today there are so many different types of loans that finding the right one can be tough. We want our new site to be step one in helping people find a financing option that works for them.”

With a well-developed knowledge of the mortgage industry, the specialists at LA Home Lender have access to a wide array of lenders and are able to guide clients in choosing the right loan. “LA Home Lender found us the loan we were looking for before other supposedly notable competing mortgage brokers could,” said one client of their experience with the firm. “They carefully watched the market fluctuations to lock us in at the best rate possible. The team was helpful throughout the entire loan process.”

About LA Home Lender
LA Home Lender is Los Angeles’ premier full-service mortgage company. They help new home buyers get their first home, current home owners upgrade their existing home, and investors find the best interest rates on mortgage products. Their team of Los Angeles real estate lending experts have decades of experience in every aspect of mortgage lending. For more information, visit their new and improved website at: http://lahomelender.com/

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